Millions still remains unclaimed in compensation

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Published: Tue Jun 24 2008

Millions of pounds worth of compensation remains unclaimed in the Dearne Valley and Rotherham, by employees and former employees of light engineering firms, according to local firm of solicitors, Oxley & Coward of Rotherham.

Oxley & Coward has already recovered millions of pounds worth of compensation for thousands of local clients, yet many have yet to claim and may be totally unaware of their right to claim.

Richard Shepherd, head of Oxley & Coward’s Industrial Disease unit, explains: "Typical conditions of former miners, such as vibration white finger have been well publicised and generally people who can claim against this type of industrial disease have already done so.

"There are however many other occupations that have been exposed to other industrial diseases and industrial deafness in particular, and these people are less aware of their right to claim.

"As a general rule, if you work or used to work for a light engineering company as a grinder, fabricator, steel erector, or other manual profession where you were regularly exposed to loud noise, you may have suffered industrial deafness and you may be entitled to claim. Road workers and local authority workers may also have been affected, and it’s not just industrial deafness cases we can handle. If you believe you have been caused any industrial disease or injury because of your current or previous employment, we may be able to help you recover valuable compensation." Call Oxley & Coward free on 0800 373612 to see if you may be entitled to claim. Details of the types of industrial disease case handled by Oxley & Coward are listed on their website,

"Depending on the severity of your condition and the nature of the exposure, compensation payouts can run into thousands of pounds," adds Richard.

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