Global Breathable Films and Membranes Market Growth during the Forecast Period, 2018-2026

Published: Thu Feb 21 2019

Breathable films & Membranes have been developed to meet the increasing and continuous demand for comfortable and safe usage, fresh quality of packed products and convenience of use. Breathable films & membranes reduces the anaerobiosis which occurs due to accumulation in packaging and also due to release of steam in a microwave system . Non-porous breathable films & membranes are also used for packaging purposes as they can respond to desired and undesired fluctuations in temperature by changing their gas permeability which depends on the change in temperature.

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Non-porous breathable films & membranes have temperature-dependent permeabilities and different coatings. Manufacturers are also developing breathable films & membranes with various blends coated on the breathable films & membranes which offer a barrier to water making it an application of choice for applications such as construction wrapping, sport & medical clothing, and roofing.

Breathable Films & Membranes due to their breathability and geometry are tailored to meet the demands of various markets and offer innovative technico-economical solutions. Breathable films & membranes are most commonly used in lamination technologies such as heat systems, glue systems, and ultrasonic systems. The continuous demand of packing for several industries fuels the growth of the breathable films & membranes industry.

Breathable films and membranes: Market Dynamics

The development of breathable films and membranes with properties such as elasticity, permeability and strength is expected to be the key factor driving growth of Breathable Films and Membranes Market. Applications of breathable films and membranes include medical applications, construction applications, food packaging, clothing laminates and others. Also, rising demand of hygiene products are expected to boost the demand for breathable films and membranes during the forecast period. These are some other factors propelling the growth of breathable films and membranes market. Breathable films and membranes are used in products such as baby dippers, female products, tents, sleeping bag covers and other items. This is further expected to drive the growth of breathable films and membranes market. However, the presence of risk to life if the fabric used in the membrane is not designed properly and high cost of membranes are the major factors restraining the breathable films and membranes market growth.

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Based on Product type , microporous membrane are expected to share the highest revenue because of its applications in pharmaceutical industries, beverage industries, chemical industries , environmental applications , purification , clarification and others. Skyair Company is one of the most leading companies producing breathable films and membranes for construction purposes. It produces cost effective and highly permeable laminates which is expected to increase the revenue share in breathable films and membranes market. Breathable Films and Membranes are also used in clothing laminates because of excellent breathability, soft texture and flexibility.

Based on the end user, Breathable Films and Membrane are expected to have high market revenue in all the sectors because of the characterstics of breathable films and membranes. Pitched roof is the largest application segment and is expected to grow due to an increase in roofing activities in extreme cold. 

Breathable Films and Membranes Market: Region-wise Outlook 

On the basis of geography, global breathable films and membranes market is segmented into seven key regions viz. North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Europe is expected to hold largest shares in the global breathable films and membranes market. However, Western Europe is expected to have the fastest growth in revenue generation for breathable films and membrane market because of its properties in roofing activities which are used to improve the thermal efficiency in extreme cold.

Breathable Films and Membrane Market: Key Players

Some of the key players present in global breathable films and membranes market are Argotic, Fatwa, Mega last, Sky air, Arkoma and others.

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