Fluoroscopy Equipment Market Highlighting Regional Revenue Share Dominance During 2017 to 2022

Published: Fri Feb 22 2019

In recent years, fluoroscopy equipment capabilities have altered drastically. The use of fluoroscopy in variety of therapeutic and medical diagnostic within and outside of radiology departments have soared. Given modern fluoroscopic equipment has the capability of producing incredibly high radiation output for extended period of time, reports of serious skin injuries have made the headlines in the recent past. In light of this, medical institutions are proactively managing the use of fluoroscopy, taking into account risks and benefits. As such, modern fluoroscopy equipment provides users opportunities to adjust the radiation exposure and image quality through the use of automatic brightness control.

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The advent of technology has paved way for innovations such as wearable, artificial intelligence, internet of things and 3D printing. Fluoroscopy equipment is expected to undergo a fundamental transformation as AI methods such as deep learning will lead to standardized, quantitative, and personalized imaging, and at the same time aiding to prevent diagnostic errors.

The health care sector hopes to reap benefits from gadget like HoloLens introduced by Microsoft which is expected to understand and large amounts of complex data gathered through its depth and camera sensors without latency. On the other hand, the introduction of Google glass by search giant Google will display a virtual screen above the wearer’s eye, which can be glanced at without disrupting other visual tasks.

Apart from healthcare industry, fluoroscopy equipment has seen significant adoption in the aviation industry owing to scanning of concealed bombs and weapons. Nevertheless, use of fluoroscopy equipment in the aviation industry has lower effect of radiation on the scanned luggage, gadgets and food products.

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Fluoroscopy Equipment Market: Overview

The report offers an exhaustive analysis on the market for fluoroscopy equipment for the assessment period 2018-2026. The report also focuses on the dynamics surrounding the fluoroscopy equipment which significantly influence the growth of the market.

Furthermore, the report elucidates the segregation of the market which is anticipated to provide readers with an actionable insights which will aid them in taking proper decision based on segments historical and future growth estimates.

The report focuses on cost structure and supply chain to provide a holistic view of the fluoroscopy equipment market. The report provides a coherent assessment through average pricing analysis. The report also includes regional and country-wise assessment.

A qualitative and quantitative information has been obtained for the forecast and assessment on the fluoroscopy equipment market. The research sources include primary and secondary sources which have been further examined by in-house panel of experts. The growth of end use industries in the historical and forecast period have been estimated to aid the readers with their business investment decisions. The market size of the fluoroscopy equipment is the result of revenue comparison, market share comparison and Y-o-Y growth comparison on the geography.

Fluoroscopy Equipment Market: Competitive Landscape

Major market players being instrumental for the growth of the fluoroscopy equipment market are profiled on the basis of company overview, financial overview, product offering, recent development, key differentiators and strategies. The report also includes SWOT analysis to provide a holistic picture of the competitive scenario of the fluoroscopy equipment market. A deep dive analysis of the major market players becomes indispensable as it will succor readers to make proper decision to enlarge their business and can comprehend strategic moves made by prominent players in the fluoroscopy equipment market.
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