Advanced High Strength Steel Market Indicates Notable CAGR growth by 2027

Published: Thu Feb 28 2019

The report studies the advanced high strength steel market worldwide, especially in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, India and Other Regions with production, size, growth, revenue, consumption, import and export in these regions. The intelligent report also anticipates that the advanced high strength steel market would grow at a constructive CAGR until 2027. In order to study the various trends and patterns prevailing in the concerned market, FactMR has included a new report titled "Advanced High Strength Steel Market Indicates Notable CAGR growth by 2027" to its wide online database including upcoming trends and growth factors. This research assessment offers a clear insight about the influential factors that are expected to transform the global market in the near future.

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The advanced high strength steel market remains a consolidated landscape, with the monopoly of the leading players. Buoyancy of the leading players in the advanced high strength steel market can be attributed to their global presence, and high orientation toward R&D activities. In addition, leading players are also entering into strategic collaborations with end-use industries to achieve long-term customer retention and repeat sales. Apart from growing with the existing end-user segments, manufacturing companies in the advanced high strength steel market are venturing into niche applications with good growth potential.

Sales in Automotive Spur as Need for Enhancing Safety & Fuel Efficiency Gains High Emphasis

As automakers across the globe face challenges with respect to enhancing safety and improving fuel efficiency, they are actively gravitating toward efficacious solutions, including advanced high strength steel. AHSS offers greater degree of fuel efficiency, durability, quality, and affordability- some of the key features that are highly valued across the automotive industry. Though advanced high strength steel has been long-famed for its mechanical abilities, various advancements in research and development are expanding the application scope of newer grades of AHSS. As the proliferation of technology continues to grow, applications for advanced high strength steel will continue to expand in automobiles. Advanced high strength steel play a major role in enhancing crash safety, fuel economy, and engine performance, making it a viable investment in the automotive landscape. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of advanced high strength steel makes it an attractive material for manufacturing of structure parts, bumper parts, doors, and seats. Advanced high strength steel are gaining popularity and are being actively embraced over the traditional mild steels, owing to their ability to meet challenges of the new-age vehicles.

Automakers Resort to Third-Generation AHSS for Value-Added Product Offerings

In a bid to bridge the performance gaps between initially developed first-generation and second-generation AHSS, the idea of third-generation advanced high strength steel was brought to the fore. The third-generation of advanced high strength steel inherits the property of high-strength from AHSS and also has a high elongation rate similar to that of high-strength steels, which makes it an ideal fit across multiple challenging applications. Superior ductility combined with enhanced usability sets the third-generation AHSS apart from other generations of advanced high strength steel. While a few manufacturing companies have already launched new and exclusive products under this classification, other companies are working toward developing exclusive versions.

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The trend of light-weighting is underway in various industrial landscapes, including automotive. Federal governments across the globe are imposing safety & fuel regulations, which has pressurized OEMs to reduce weight of vehicles and associated components. This, in turn, is causing automakers to consider use of effective solutions and materials, such as advanced high strength steel. Automakers are also focusing on weight reduction of vehicles for reducing fuel emissions and meeting GHG requirements and have several materials at their disposal. While aluminum alloys were among the first ones to be used for vehicle light-weighting, demand for advanced high strength steel is on a consistent rise to address critical demands vis-à-vis light-weighting of vehicles. These two metals are anticipated to lead the game of automotive light-weighting in the upcoming years.

Opportunities Abound in Agricultural Machinery

The agricultural landscape is undergoing drastic reformations over the past few years. With the increasing farm sizes and intensifying agricultural activities, farmers are on the lookout for new ways to improve their profitability. As a result, high-scale adoption of advanced materials in agriculture, such as advanced higher strength steels, remains unabated. The demand for stronger, lighter, and sustainable solutions in agriculture continues to grow, creating favorable circumstances for sales of advanced high strength steel. The reluctance toward heavy agricultural machinery is on a consistent rise, on account of its adverse impact on the long-term ability of lands in terms of production. In this scenario, advanced high strength steel is being widely-embraced as it make a huge difference in terms of developing lightweight machinery with zero compromise on durability.

Advanced high strength steel (AHSS) refer to multiphase complex microstructures possessing yield strength of more than 550 Mpa. Advanced high strength steel having tensile strength of more than 780 Mpa is known as ultrahigh-strength steels and having tensile strength of nearly 1000 Mpa is known as GigaPascal steel. Advanced high strength steel were developed in order to partly address reduced formability with enhanced strength in case of conventional steels. Meant to be used in complex geometrical parts that seek high formability, advanced high strength steel are utilized across multimodal applications, such as including front end structures, automotive rails, crash boxes, sill reinforcements, automotive pillars, and doors.

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