Extensive Demand for Location Trackers accounts for Rapid uptake of GPS Technology in Pet Wearables

Published: Mon Mar 04 2019

The rapid inroads by wearable technologies in the health monitoring and location tracking, riding on the wave of automation, is a key factor driving the evolution of the pet wearables market. The expansion of the pet wearables market is propelled and supported by constant advances in internet of things (IoT) market and GPS technologies. The growing adoption of pet wearables for collecting data analytics related to the health of pets is fueled by the rising awareness about the fitness and nutrition of their pets among owners. The advent of cloud-based analytics has bolstered the application of pet wearables in medical diagnostics. The rising demand for user-friendly and reliable maps in smartphones for location tracking is also boosting the pet wearables market. Advances in real-time tracking pets, especially among canine owners, is opening large, lucrative avenues in the pet wearables market.

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The demand for pet wearables for monitoring the various aspects can be considered in the initial stages and is still to take off in the market. However, over the coming years, the prospects are expected to get attractive among the various other application areas in the pet wearables market. In recent years, the application of pet wearables for medical diagnosis and treatment are gaining significance, especially in developed nations. The substantial spending on pets’ health monitoring technologies, especially in the U.S., is a noticeable trend in the pet wearables market. The rising incidence of obesity, especially in dogs and cats, is propelling the demand for activity monitors in the pet wearables market

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Efforts to improve the functionality of pet wearables are expected to set the pace of design of technologically-advanced products. The new generation of pet wearables will inevitably witness technological improvements in their components. Constant advances in pet wearables technologies have led to pet wearables with increased battery life and the advent of devices that can work across platforms. Advancements in pre-emotion sensors and pet-to-human translators are expected to lead to high-end products in the pet wearables market. Moreover, the end users of pet wearables will also benefit from the declining prices of several of key technologies.

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The study takes a critical look at the current competitive landscape and the factors affecting the entry barriers and the level of competition in various regions on the pet wearables market. Some of the prominent players operating in the market are DOGTRA Co. Ltd., Fitbark, Petcube, Gibi technology, Tractive GmbH, Whistle Labs LLC, and Garmin International.
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