Laundry Dryer Sheets and Bars Market – Worldwide Growth Survey by 2027

Published: Tue Mar 05 2019

Laundry Dryer Sheets and Bars Market: Competitive Landscape

Some of the best and known brands in the global laundry dryers sheets and bars are P&G, Bounce dryer sheets, Downy, Purex, Snuggle, Woolzies, Gain dryer bar, Mrs Meyers, Arm and Hammer etc.

Laundry Dryer Sheets and Bars Market: Regional Outlook

North America is expected to dominate the global laundry dryer sheets and bars market in terms of its market size. It consists of a huge area that is developed and where people have a high standard of living. Thus, it makes the region stands out among all the other region. However, Europe is another emerging sector which is expected to witness higher demand in the coming period.

Other than the developed regions, the developing countries like India are still not at the stage where they can compete with developed regions in terms of demand for consumable goods. As laundry dryer sheets and bars adds extra costs, a majority of people in developing regions avoid using it.

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Laundry Dryer Sheets and Bars Market: Driver and restraints

With the increase in laundry services available to public, there’s also an increase in the use of dryer sheets and bars in the market. With the increase in dependency of people on artificial scents, people prefer washing clothes along with a use of added scents. Growing consciousness among people body odour and scents, people are also using laundry dryer sheets and bars that comes with different fragrances. Other trends among people that has helped the laundry dryer sheets and bars market grow includes expensive clothes in the market. People are required to be extra careful about their clothes as they are quite expensive. This has made them use different products along with washing and drying of clothes like laundry dryer sheets and bars.

However, a few factors still limit the growth of laundry dryer sheets and bars market, including easy DIY laundry dryer sheets preparation. Many people make these dryer sheets and bars at home, with the help of easy online tutorials in order to save extra costs. Saving extra expenditures is more prevalent in developing or under developed regions, where people can hardly afford normal washing powders, or may not even use washing machines. Such areas usually find very less demand for dryer sheets and bars throughout the year.

Laundry Dryer Sheets and Bars Market: Introduction

The growing number of companies have intensified the competition in the market. This has also led to an upsurge of innovations taking place around the globe, in terms of new products and services available to them.

After the availability of washing machines, which makes the drying and washing of clothes an easy going task, companies are coming up with better detergents, fabric softeners, scent boosters and even dryer sheets and bars. These dryer sheets and bars are widely used by people and has surprisingly become an important part of the laundry. Even washing machines have few problems in its washing process. But, laundry dryer sheets and bars are a feasible solution to this problem. The wet washing in machines leads to clothes tumbling in the dryers. The static electricity causes the washed clothes to stick together. Earlier, fabric softeners just added extra softness to the clothes after wash. But the new products come with chemicals that negate static electricity. The individual working of dryer sheets help the clothes staying warm and moisturized in a dryer of washing machine. People have also started making use of dryer sheets for purposes other than laundry, which includes cleaning and keeping rodents and insects away. Drying bars have a similar use, but are just available in the form of a bar.

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From preventing sticking of clothes and sweaters in ball of holiday horror to softening, enhancing stain resistance and facilitating lint prevention, laundry dryer sheets and bars have gained significant traction worldwide. Manufacturers of laundry dryer sheets and bars are introducing petroleum based and plant based products that enable quick coating of fibers of the fabric making them softer. Such alterations in material properties have led to a substantial demand for laundry dryer sheets and bars in the regular washing space. Moreover, reduction in static cling of fibers have accelerated the adoption of laundry dryer sheets and bars, which is expected to push the growth of the laundry dryer sheets and bars market in the coming years.

The laundry dryer sheets and bars scenario is largely influenced with the green concept being introduced in this space. With higher inclination toward environment and human protection, the trending "go green" notion has not left any industry untouched and laundry dryer sheets and bars is not an exception. Natural laundry dryer sheets and bars are gaining more ground as they are recyclable avoiding ending up in landfills. However, the Do-it-Yourself trend has infiltrated this space, which is likely to pose hindrances to the laundry dryer sheets and bars market growth by confining its application scope, as consumers can prepare laundry dryer sheets and bars at homes using external guidance.

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