Is this the World’s Best Shaving Razor?

Published: Sat Mar 16 2019

The boutique Male Grooming Brand have celebrated the launch of their new, mouth-wateringly slick and shiny Safety Razor by crowdfunding the new edition to their collection on Kickstarter. Check it out here

We spoke to Luke Whitehead, the founder behind the Brand, about why he feels the new release is the best shaving razor available on the market.

"It's important to get every day off to the perfect start, and that starts with your morning routine. We wanted to bring to market something extraordinary to help the consumer become a morning person again."

"Everything we make is designed and crafted in England and built to last. We based the design on the Stag antler in keeping with the brand; the streamlined curve sits perfectly in your hand. The shape allows your fingers to wrap naturally around the razor handle meaning you're in complete control of your shave. We’ve perfected Razor handle ergonomics".

In a class of its own, this Double Edge Safety Razor is crafted from British Stainless Steel by expert steelworkers in Sheffield, England.

Each piece is then hand polished before the iconic "Stag" logo is embossed on the Stainless Steel razor base. The polished shine is truly mouthwatering.

Quintessentially British, this is a razor to be proud of.

The razor has currently reached a 200% backing on Kickstarter and is also available to buy online at
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