Globtier Infotech Inc now a member of MSPAlliance

Published: Tue Mar 19 2019

Globtier Infotech Inc is pleased to announce that it is now member of MSPAlliance, a global consortium of cloud, managed service providers, and technology enabling vendors.

Founded in 2005, Globtier InfotechInc is an international IT solutions provider company, headquartered in Noida, India, with offices in New Jersey, USA, and Melbourne, Australia. The organization primarily works in the field of software design and development, ERP/CRM implementation and support, and testing and maintenance support services.

"We are delighted to have Globtier Infotech Inc as a member of our global association," said Celia Weaver, MSPAlliance president. "By upholding the MSPAlliance Managed Service Provider’s Code of Ethics, Globtier Infotech Inc will work with MSPAlliance, as well as their industry peers, to help ensure the integrity of the managed services and cloud profession."

About Globtier Infotech Inc

Globtier from the day of its establishment in 2005, is providing small, midsize and startup enterprises with advanced IT solutions and uplifting their business performance with innovative workflows & solutions. Over the years, we have established a record of accomplishment of providing cost-effective managed IT services, software development, staffing solutions and back office administration services to the global companies through our offices in USA, UK, INDIA & UAE.

Globtier is an innovative organization offering value-driven services. Our Managed IT services help global enterprises improve their business efficiency using our innovative and proven solutions. We have been actively assisting our clients to constantly innovate and remain competitive in the global environment. Our emphasis remains on core IT practices, which helps us to consistently maintain quality standards in our key deliverable.

Globtier Excellence Journey

Globtier’s journey to leadership position in IT industry is evident not only in technical expertise but also in customer support and diversity. As a single point service provider, we excel in controlling costs while integrating and streamlining solutions that deliver far better outcomes. With teams of dedicated personnel to handle each segment, we ensure our customers receive prompt responses and the highest quality of work. We are flexible and adaptable. You will find us to be equally comfortable in handling everything on 100% outsourced basis as well as in collaborative approach or modular service packs. We understand markets and leverage expertise to deliver precisely the solution that suits your business objective within budgets and within time schedules.

There are defining factors not the least of which include – trust, excellence and expertise in what we do, timeliness in response and completing projects and pricing. Support is yet another reason: it starts at the discussion stage and stays well beyond completion. Customization is also an important factor that has influenced top leaders to choose Globtier over others. We strive to delicately deliver the best and help you achieve success in all your organizational goals.

About MSPAlliance

MSPAlliance is a global industry association and accrediting body for the Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Managed Services Provider (MSP) industry. Established in 2000 with the objective of helping MSPs become better MSPs. Today, MSPAlliance has more than 30,000 cloud computing and manage service provider corporate members across the globe and works in a collaborative effort to assist its members, along with foreign and domestic governments, on creating standards, setting policies and establishing best practices.
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