"Mythos" - the new ARPG from the indie creative "1AM Studios" is now Live on Kickstarter!

Published: Thu Mar 21 2019

Mythos: Vengeance of Ognyan is a tabletop Action Roleplaying Game with fast-paced, strategic Gameplay! Players will be able to choose one of Three Mighty Heroes, each of which with their own set of unique mechanics and skills. The game offers a Leveling System with Skill Progressions in Different Skill Trees, which means that every time you play, you can build the same character in a unique way, as every Level Up means a Choice that you can make.

These heroes are destined to save the world from a Legendary Foe – an ancient draconic being, known as Ognyan the Legendary Zmey, who has been resurrected from the Dead. Players will have to go through a 7 Hour Long Campaign, uncover dark secrets and make tough decisions, which will alter the Story and the Outcome of the game. For now, Ognyan rests inside his prison, but if the Heroes do not slay him soon, he will flee and wreak havoc across the lands of Mythos!

The "Vengeance of Ognyan" core-set features 4 Game Modes, including a Player versus Player Combat arena and a Worldcrafting Handbook – a guide for players to make their own epic adventures. All the tools they might need will be offered to download for free! The best creations will be featured in a dedicated Companion App, and the most Talanted Creators will be rewarded. The app will also offers easier means of tracking the game's progression, but what's more – it will include unique features that add to the game, like Randomly Generated Encounters and Items. You can use the best results for creating your own Adventures, or you can play them instantly in Free Play, which does not bind you to any narrative!

The Tabletop ARPG is based on Slavic folklore and tells a grand tale. It's a game designed for players of ages 12 and up. The Party of Dragonslayers has room for 3 Players, but an additional 4th player may join to act as the World, aiding the Party to completely immerse themselves in the game.

"Mythos: Vengeance of Ognyan" is a core-set offering hours of content and a myriad of features, with a planned schedule of free content. The game is made by 1AM Studios – a small indie studio from Bulgaria.
You can help bring the the project to life now on Kickstarter!
Contact Name: Silvy.Atanasova
Contact Email: silvy.atanasova@gmail.com