Jeppe Jay Releases his First EP On the 12th of April 2019 Titled “Over You”

Published: Sat Mar 23 2019

Music is something that relaxes some people as they have a great attachment to music. Understanding their requirement, Jeppe Jay is all set to release his first EP "Over You" on the 12th of April 2019.

Over You is the first EP of this upcoming artist. Despite that, Jeppe Jay and his production team have managed to deliver 5 catchy hits, mostly about a hard time after heartbreak, on this EDM EP. Each and every song has its own music video attached to them. They were produced with the same accuracy and deep understanding of the requirement of the audience as the songs themselves.

When talking about his First Episode Jeppe Jay says "Over you is straight from my heart album and I hope it will get straight to the heart of others as well". He is at the intention to spread the word about his new album among music enthusiasts.

Any content that is created from the heart will stay for long. So, Jeppe Jay also believes that his first album and the new EP will stay in the hearts of music enthusiasts for eternity. He has put in that much dedication and devotion for creating this album. This is just the beginning in his music career but with the support that he gets from his fans around the world, he wishes to reach new heights in the music industry.

Recently, he has posted an introductory video on YouTube announcing his new EP will be out on the 12th of April 2019. He finds a lot of motivation among all the positive and longing comments from his fans. It is motivation for him to bring his best in the actual release as he has got great comments just for his introductory video.

About Jeppe Jay:
Jeppe Jay is a coming up artist with lots of hopes to prove himself in the world of music. After dealing with a hard time a while ago he decided he didn’t want to be torn apart but instead doing the best of the situation. This decision resulted in fulfilling his dreams to become an artist and make some great content music. He can now happily present his new EP "Over you" hoping the audience will feel the same joy listening to it as he felt creating it. He has lots of hope that the album will reach the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world.

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