Survey Highlights the Appeal of Post-Brexit Property Investment

Published: Sun Mar 24 2019

Specialists in the use of SIPP and SSAS pensions, The Landlord’s Pension reveals the results of a survey that uncovers rising interest in property investment.

When it comes to Britain leaving the EU, everyone and their dog has an opinion. But one key talking point has been how Brexit will impact property prices. Changes will not only affect people who are looking to sell, but it will also open the door for property investment opportunities.

A recent survey carried out by The Landlord’s Pension revealed that 41% of the British public would be more likely to consider property investment following predicted price falls after Brexit.

Is Now the Ideal Time to Grab an Investment Bargain?

Experts believe that following Brexit, property will be available at a reduced cost, although they are uncertain how long this period will last. Once the Brexit market stabilises, property prices will likely rise. The data collected suggests the public is aware of the potential investment opportunities, with the prospect of cheaper property post-Brexit gathering attention. It could mean an ideal time for buy-low, sell-high property investments.

Property experts at The Landlord’s Pension were intrigued to see how the prospect of lower property prices would affect overall buying trends. With nearly half of respondents
inclined to invest in property following Brexit, it appears that price is a barrier currently dissuading many from the market and that economic turbulence following Britain’s exit from Europe may encourage more to buy.

Small Businesses Could Prosper Post-Brexit

The harsh realities of Brexit seem to have impacted small businesses most of all. However, cheaper property may offer some a lifeline. Although much of the Brexit property conversation leans towards the cost of housing, it would also allow small businesses in need of company premises to purchase at low prices as well.

SMEs often work on a much tighter budget than large organisations. This results in business owners either being unable to purchase property or having to settle for properties less able to accommodate their needs, leading to hindrances in development. If property prices reduce, it creates an ideal opportunity for small businesses to enhance their prospects by engaging in property investment and expansion.

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