The government of Australia has announced new incentives in order to encourage international students to study in Australia at the more remote and regional universities as against the popular cities

[ClickPress, Mon Mar 25 2019] The government of Australia has launched a new line of initiatives for international students who opt to study in Australia in regional universities. The government plans include the grant of more than 4700 new scholarships over a period of four years, amounting to 15,000 AUD each year. The purpose of this incentive is to attract both domestic and foreign students to study in Australia’s rural regions.

The announcement was made by the executive director of Universities Australia, Ms. Catriona Jackson, who hoped that the new incentives would increase the attractiveness of studying at regional universities adding, that the funding of the program would be handled by the universities themselves, as money to support regional universities could not be taken away from other equally important programs. Universities will need to apply to the government for eligibility to grant scholarships, which can be provided by both vocational educational institutions and universities based in regional areas. The scholarships are likely to be distributed equally between international and domestic students.

According to the new plan, international students who graduate from a regional campus, will also get one more year of post-study work rights in the country. This in itself can prove to be a major incentive for students who are looking for an opportunity to settle in Australia after their graduation.

Australia has long realized the benefits of incentivizing its education for international students, a survey conducted by JWS Research, a reputed opinion tracking agency has found that over 80 percent of Australians believe that international students have made a significant contribution to national economy.

International students who opt to study in Australia( create an income of 34.9 billion AUD each year and are responsible for supporting more than 240,000 jobs in the country. Income brought in by international students can support jobs, wages and improve the standard of living for many Australians.

The mutual benefit that is enjoyed by both Australians and international students who study in Australia, makes it an ideal destination for higher education. For more information about above content kindly reach out overseas education consultants( @ Global Tree.

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