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Published: Mon Mar 25 2019

ItÂ’s our pleasure to invite all the participants from all over the world to attend the CME accredited European Congress on Nephrology & Urology which is held during June 28-29, 2019 at Stockholm, Sweden.

We sincerely intended to convey our conference Agenda in the Kidney & Urology Department.

Nephrology & Urology conference will assemble illustrious speakers, Researchers, Nobel laureates, Nephrologists and Urology researchers from both academic and health care professionals will join this event to discuss their views and research. The Nephrology event will be organized by world experts for conducting symposiums, B2B meetings, and workshops will also be conducted on the field of Nephrology & Urology.

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Why Stockholm:
Stockholm, probably the most planned city of northern Europe, has long been a well-known city. The current survey on number of persons with nephrology and urology manifestations in the Sweden says that, although the mortality from Nephrological Disorders in our country has declined, its disease burden remains high. Stockholm is the capital and most populous municipality of the Sweden. Its status as the capital is mandated by the Constitution of the Sweden. Stockholm has a population of 960,031within the city proper 1, 562, 136 in the urban area, and 2, 315, 612 in the Stockholm metropolitan area.

Perfect reasons to visit Sweden:
For its Islands: The Stockholm archipelago is the largest archipelago in Sweden, and the second largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea

For its wine: Swedes have mastered the art of effortless sophistication. It's common to see people pedal to work clad in sleek separates and Chuck Taylors.

For its seafood: Seafood and meat finds a home in Stockholm with its seasonal fare and lengthy that exhibit dynamic Swedish culture.

For its beaches: Stockholm Beaches is the southernmost county in Sweden and offers smooth white sand.

Outdoor adventure: Stockholm Outdoor specializes has a more hands-on approach of island hopping for anyone with a more adventurous side heading.

For its history: History of Stockholm, experience the modern and ancient historic past events, people and governments of Stockholm.

For its culture: One of the key characteristics of Swedish culture is that Swedes are egalitarian in nature, humble and find boasting absolutely unacceptable.

For its capital: Stockholm is one of those cities you'll immediately fall in love with. It has charm, history, a thriving food and drink scene and the world's first national city park.

For its diving: Scuba diving in Sweden will undoubtedly surprise you with its incredibly variety and abundance of color.
For its national parks: Sweden's 29 national parks represent a magnificent collection of contrasting landscape types and experiences.

Conference Highlights
• Nephrology
• Urology
• Paediatric Nephrology
• Dialysis
• Hypertension
• Nephrological Disorders
• Nephrotic Syndrome
• Hydronephrosis
• Nephrology and Urology Devices
• Geriatric-Genetic Kidney Diseases
• Nephropathy
• Urinary Tract Infections
• Renal Pathology-Immunology
• Renal Nutrition & Metabolism
• Nephrology Nursing
• Advancements in Nephrology Research
• Gastroenterology
• Kidney Transplant
• Drug & Nephrotoxic associated Kidney Disorders
• Renal Care
• Nephrological Treatment

This live event is looking for new approaches and scopes to thoroughly review the scientific as well as clinical aspect of Nephrology. Join with more than 500 colleagues for interactive, innovative and incredible experience in beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden

Learning Objectives:

1. Share and describe new developments in the field of Nephrology & Urology
2. They can compare research guidelines and good practices with new current practices and strength or gaps
3. Discover new research techniques in development with practical implication used in recovery treatment or research fields
4. Participants can build their networks of professionals and can find valuable resources
5. Explain recent or upcoming changes in policy to identify provider involvement areas
6. Demonstrate the knowledge while treating patients with Nephrology & Urology in clinical aspects
7. Usage of various patient screening tools that used to identify usage of substance abuse and interpretation results
8. Enhance patientÂ’s readiness to change in their risky behaviours by using motivational interviewing
9. Also will be offer referral in regards to behavioural interventions which include support groups as well as mutual groups that will assist in recovery process

Participation Benefits:

Nephrology Summit 2019 the European meeting place for specialists dealing with Nephrology, Urology and related topics to these. Learn exchange and update your skills European Congress on Nephrology & Urology

 Welcome Reception
 Keynote Presentation
 Presentation over concurrent streams
 Half day Workshop
 Poster Presentation
 Video/ Virtual Presentation
 Exhibitor and Sponsor displays
 Symposium and Networking
 Best Poster Award
 Young Researcher Award

Who Will Attend???

We welcome all the participants from professionals as well as student and delegate whoever is dedicated in increasing the quality improvement in the field of Nephrology & Urology includes:

• Nephrologists
• Renal Practionists
• Kidney , Endocrinology coordinators
• Renal Transplantation surgeons
• Nephrology Associations and Societies
• Immunologist
• Training Institutes
• Renal Dieticians
• Manufacturing Renal Devices Companies
• Renal Transplantation Surgeons
• Urologists
• Nurse practitioners

International SUPPORTED Journals:
1. Journal of Kidney
2. Journal of Clinical & Experimental Nephrology
3. Journal of Nephrology & Therapeutics

Nephrology Summit 2019 (CME accredited) focus on providing all the prospective participants with the opportunity to network with your colleagues from across the globe exchanging ideas with expertise and to arm yourself with the latest information.

We engage design Nephrology and Urology events, presentation, seminars and workshop that will be instructive, authoritative, creditable and also enlightening, interesting, and enriching ones.

Nephrology Summit 2019 is a global event and meeting with the gathering of eminent national and international speakers who contribute diverse areas of expertise will build upon the remarkable dedication to excellence in teaching and research with extensive experience in communicating up to the standards and the most leading edge of events held for Nephrology & Urology that are educational, effectual, proficient, and perfectly consistent.

We promise a comfortable stay, great scientific content & pleasant memories to take home.

Registration Criteria:
Participation in the event comes at a grant-subsidized fee mentioned below:
Speaker Register: €469
Delegate: €429
Package A: €700
Package B: €849
Student registration: €239

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Nephrology Summit 2019.
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