American Society of Dowsers (ASD) Announces Their 59th Annual Dowsing Convention

Published: Tue Mar 26 2019

This year, the ASD is hosting their 59th Annual Conference on June 26-30, 2019 in Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire. This is the National Dowsing Convention & Metaphysical Expo and Annual Members Meeting. This gathering features fantastic workshops, lectures, wellness practitioners, vendors, and formal training to develop your inner knowing using dowsing techniques. Just a few of the subjects covered are Geomancy, Vibration and Sound, Earth Energies, Radiesthesia, Psychic Development, Plant, Map and Water Dowsing, Sacred Geometry, and many Wellness modalities. ASD was created to serve as a focal point for the science of dowsing and dowsers. Dowsing is defined as "a technique for searching for underground water, minerals, or anything invisible, by observing the motion of a pointer (traditionally a forked stick, now often paired bent wires) or the changes in direction of a pendulum,’. Dowsing has been practiced throughout millennia, and although the name has changed, the techniques have not. Many cultures and religions have had their own version of dowsing. Registration for the 2019 National Dowsing Convention & Metaphysical Expo and Annual Members Meeting is now open. Please go to for more information, early bird ticket specials, and applications for vendors, speakers, volunteers, and advertisers.

The 59th Annual Convention will feature Keynote Dowser Brian Besco as well as Dr. Eben Alexander who will be delivering a Keynote presentation as well. ASD’s 59th Annual Convention will feature an exhibition of vendors offering products, books, and services. ASD will be offering its Foundations Course for beginners and those who would like to have a refreshment course on dowsing skills. The ASD has been hosting its annual convention for its members since 1961.

About The American Society of Dowsers (ASD): ASD is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in Vermont in 1961 to disseminate knowledge of dowsing (water witching, the discovery of lost articles or persons, and related para-psychological phenomena), development of its skills, and recognition for its achievements. Its mission is "to support, encourage and promote dowsing and dowsers in a manner consistent with the highest standards of personal integrity and behavior; to provide dowsing education and training to dowsers and non-dowsers alike to bring them to a level of proficiency they are comfortable with; to promote and foster communication and fellowship among all persons in any way interested in dowsing." For more information on ASD, our conventions, and membership go to

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