Sarasota adoption agency expands to offer services in panhandle communities

Published: Tue Mar 26 2019

A Bond of Love is a non-profit, licensed adoption agency based in Sarasota, Florida. Founded in 1992, it provides legal and social services to birth mothers and adoptive parents. They conduct personal, one-on-one, counseling sessions for the birth parents, and offer home studies, supervision, and counseling for the prospective adoptive parents.

While many adoption agencies do most of their meetings by phone, the staff at A Bond of Love always meets face-to-face with clients, giving them a chance to address questions and concerns directly to a qualified professional.

A Bond of Love understands that carrying a baby through birth and completing an adoption plan stands as an act of most extraordinary courage and love. Perhaps no gesture expresses motherhood in its most purely loving form.

The relationship between the birth parents and the child is very important, and A Bond of Love assures that the adoption plan accords as much openness or privacy as possible with the desires of the birthmother and adoptive parents.

There are options for closed adoptions, where the birth parents choose to have no contact with the child after birth. Confidential adoptions may ease the dilemma of an unplanned pregnancy by assuring privacy. Or an open adoption may be preferred. In this case, the birthmother selects prospective adoptive parents to meet and get to know them. After the birthmother has chosen a particular couple, they may continue to meet throughout the pregnancy and possibly after placement.
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