Excio launches its exclusive on-screen gallery on iPhones

Published: Wed Mar 27 2019

Excio, an emerging developer of a new generation photography community and platform releases iOS version of its successful Android app with over 200,000 downloads.

Excio is created to fit seamlessly into people's daily routines, whilst helping to relieve mindless scrolling. Designed as an iOS widget on the Apple phone screen, Excio displays an array of beautiful and interesting images where people look most often: in between calendar appointments, news, notifications and other favourites. Excio brightens up the users' day and boosts curiosity, inspiration and creativity.

As a testament against the growing and overwhelming world of online image sharing, the idea behind the app allows talented photographers of different experience levels to join the Excio community and share their favourite work. Featured images and stories behind the shot are then automatically displayed on people's devices.

Described as 'an exclusive gallery in your pocket', Excio community members are able to securely upload relevant information about their image and link images directly to their websites or social media profiles to increase their fan base. For its end users, Excio is not just a visually stunning customisation tool but a discovery tool literally at their fingertips. By clicking on the images, they are intrigued by, people can move from their screen to the app to see more information about the photo, where it was taken, by whom, explore destinations and even start booking a trip or reading a book.

Users can follow topics of interest and photographers of choice. Fresh images of places in New Zealand and around the world open up opportunities to explore new locations, with a growing range of unique tourism images being added to travel collections.

Excio app for Android has 200K + downloads in New Zealand, EU, India, and other countries. "The iOS release has been something our members have been waiting for since the day we launched on Android as many photographers use iPhones to take photographs or to manage their content and wanted to follow their own collections on Excio. It is a big milestone for us, and we are very excited to mark 2019 with such a great announcement. Working within strict iOS regulations whilst still making sure the experience is pleasant for our end users has always been our number one priority." says Ana Lyubich, CEO.

Excio for iOS and Android is completely free to download and enjoy. The company's policy is not to charge any fees for bringing people closer to culture and discovery. The app is free of any adverts too and is solely based on the membership fees of participating photographers. Photographers not only enjoy an increased audience they have opportunities to learn, grow and share by belonging to the Excio community.

About Excio

Excio was founded in 2016 by Ana Lyubich and Vlad Dolgov in Wellington, New Zealand and has grown from strength to strength since its conception, partnering with Nikon New Zealand and Wellington City Council amongst others. It has also won awards around the world, most recently, Excio was a finalist in the 2018 Wellington Gold Awards and won the 2018 Creative Business Cup New Zealand which saw the team flying to Copenhagen for the awards ceremony.

Excio is excited to continue to form new partnerships with photographers and other organizations in New Zealand and around the world through 2019 which will result in fresh images, and more intriguing stories for its end users who are inspired by visuals, seeing new places, and learning about different cultures.

Contact Name: Ana Lyubich, CEO
Contact Email: hello@excio.io

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