Fluorescent Pigments Market to Catalogue Impetuous Growth Triggered By Prime Manufacturers

Published: Mon Apr 15 2019

In order to study the various trends and patterns prevailing in the overall market Hydraulic Fracturing, Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE) has included a new report titled "Fluorescent Pigments Market" to its wide online database. This research assessment offers a clear insight about the influential factors that are expected to transform the global market in the near future. Readers can access the regional as well as segment-wise analysis for acquiring precise information about the global market structure.

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Fluorescent pigments are the special type of proteins that are able to fluoresce in a highly specific color when light of a particular wavelength is radiated on it. Pigments which are capable of absorbing both visible as well as non-visible electromagnetic radiations are known as fluorescent pigments. Fluorescent pigments quickly release the absorbed electromagnetic radiations as energy in the desired wavelength. Zinc sulfide and cadmium sulfide are some of the examples of the fluorescent pigments. Fluorescent pigments offer a wide range of chroma and pigments which glow when exposed to the long-wave UV frequencies. The luminescence of the fluorescent pigment is significantly different from that obtained from other natural bio-luminescence such as bacteria, fish and insects among others. Fluorescent pigments are either visible or non-visible in nature. Fluorescent pigments have a variety of properties that make them extremely suitable for the labeling and reporting of the various structures and processes.

Fluorescent pigments are widely used in the printing inks which are characterized by extremely high brilliance when the light is viewed under the ultra violet light source. The fluorescent pigments are widely used in the water based systems as well as in the mild solvent systems. They are extensively used in the various applications such as paints and aerosol coating, textile fields, water based paper coating, solvent based paper coating field, crying manufacturing and solvent based silk screen ink. The growing construction and automobile industry is expected to boost the overall growth of the paints and coating market which in turn is anticipated to enhance the overall growth of the fluorescence pigments market. The applications of the fluorescent pigments are increasing rapidly in various fields such as agriculture, medical, biochemistry and biology. There is an increase in the demand for the fluorescence pigments as a marker or the reporter as it helps in tracking and identifying the molecules at the sub-cellular level. There is an increase in the demand for the fluorescence pigments in various applications owing to its characteristics such as improved resistance to heat, pressure, polar solvents and plasticizers.

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North America is the largest consumer of the fluorescent pigments. The countries such as the U.S, Canada and Mexico are the leading consumers of the fluorescence pigments in North America. Europe is the second largest consumer of the fluorescence pigments. Asia Pacific is the emerging market for the fluorescence pigment market owing to the growing consumption in Japan. China is the fastest growing consumer of the fluorescence pigments. Owing to the development of China and India as the market for finished products the total demand for the fluorescence market is expected to witness a rapid growth.

ALTANA, Brilliant, DANE color U.K. Ltd., DayGlo fluorescent pigments and PROQUIMAC Color are some of the key manufacturers of the fluorescence pigments market. The companies mainly focus on the research and development. The companies strive to develop and hence, manufacture highly innovative products which would be suitable in catering the need of the specific application sector. The companies usually make huge investments in the research and development in order to launch new products in the market. The new product development would not only help the companies to sustain in the market but also aids in achieving competitive advantage to capture market share from the competitors present in the fluorescent pigments market.

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