Cool Roof Coating Market Prognostications Highpoint Positive Revenue during Forecast Period, 2018-20

Published: Tue Apr 16 2019

This report on the cool roof coating market is a comprehensive compilation of actionable and valuable insights. The report offers an in-depth assessment on the cool roof coatings market, which incorporates study on important dynamics including growth drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities for the cool roof coating market.

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The report primary focuses on the provision of authentic intelligence to its readers with regard to the cool roof coating market, which would enable them in gathering and devising strategies on the basis of the insights delivered on the cool roof coating market. In key sections of the report, an overview on the cool roof coatings market has been offered which includes a concise introduction to the cool roof coating market, along with an accurate definition of the target product – cool roof coating.

This further enables the clients in better understanding current as well as future potential for growth of the cool roof coating market. Leveraging insights and data offered on the cool roof coating market in this report, clients are enabled to take informed steps for their businesses in the cool roof coating market. Size of the cool roof coating market has been evaluated in terms of value (US$ Mn).

Increasing Palpability of Cool Roof Programs

As the housing and commercial construction activities continue to soar, the effect of "urban heat island" is getting worse against the backdrop of dark colored structured and streets, and lack of air-conditioned and green space. This has further supplemented energy demand and relevant cost in structures of commercial and residential sectors alike. However, several cool roof coating programs are being carried out worldwide, which focus on mitigating the heat trapped by working with community partners. NYC Cool Roofs, Toronto’s Eco-Roof Incentive Program, Repeal and Replace of Green Roof Law in Denver, and Initiative of India’s national government on sustainable cooling through National Cooling Action Plan, are some of the key examples of cool roof programs being carried out worldwide currently. Such initiatives for cool roof coating allude at a transformative trend to battle climate change and global warming.

Silicone Cool Roof Coating Gains Immense Significance

As per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nearly 80% of energy conservation in a single-story building can be obtained through its roof. It further states that for urban areas, the roofing constitutes approximately 70% of surface area in urban settlements. Therefore cool roof coatings can play a major role in energy conservation through initiatives by local authorities to carry out cool roof coating programs in the cities. As silicone cool roof coatings reflect over 90% of sunlight, and work as isolation between the roof substrate and the incident sunlight, these are fast gaining prominence in the market. Additionally, relatively higher moisture resistance of silicone cool roof coating compared to asphalt and acrylic products will further underpin their demand in the cool roof coating market.

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Economic Benefits of Cool Roof Coating

Cool roof coating offers reduced cooling energy costs and increase comfort level by keeping temperature fluctuations inside the building in check. The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRCC) estimates average energy savings from cool roof coating to be in the range of 7% to 15%, albeit energy savings vary based on geography and climate. In the U.S. alone, cool roof coatings have significantly curtailed energy costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Additionally, cool roof coating complement occupant comfort, depriving the requirement for air conditioners, resulting in significant monetary savings for consumers.

Air Sealing – Effective Alternative to Cool Roof Coating

Air sealing have gained significant traction as an effective alternative to cool roof coating, as proper sealing of attic floor and ceiling with weatherstripping and insulation prevents air leakage from interior of spaces. The Department of Energy states that attics offer the best opportunities for improving the energy efficiency in the residential spaces. Additionally, some air sealing methods such as weatherstripping and caulking enable do-it-yourself installment, thereby resulting in additional cost saving for consumers. However, inadequate ventilation and trapped moisture continue to remain key concerns associated with air sealing.

Competitive Landscape

Fact.MR’s study on the cool roof coatings market delivers important information on the demand & supply trends of cool roof coatings across the globe, coupled with a scrutinized assessment on competition landscape of the cool roof coatings market. Exhaustive analysis on leading and emerging players in the cool roof coatings market is offered in the report, which involves company overview, product overview, key financials and recent developments.

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