Feedwater Treatment Chemicals Market Displays Higher Growth Inclinations during 2018-2027

Published: Wed May 01 2019

For efficient industrial power plant operations, boilers as well as quality of feedwater play a crucial role. As feedwater treatment is essential, indispensability of feedwater treatment chemicals is evident. With an extensive application of boilers in multiple end-user industries, demand for feedwater treatment chemicals market is likely to remain high. On the same lines, manufacturers operating in the Feedwater Treatment Chemicals Market are focusing on delivering industry-specific feedwater treatment chemicals solutions that accommodate requirements of location, affordability and service-friendly systems.

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Dissolved oxygen are biggest threat to the integrity of boilers as they can lead to failure of feedwater lines, boiler tubes, economizers and condensate lines. As feedwater treatment chemicals prevent boilers from such damage, they remain essential in extending longevity of operations of both boiler as well as overall industrial output. With such an imperative function of feedwater treatment chemicals, their demand is set to remain higher, marking good opportunity for the feedwater treatment chemicals market.

A fair trade-off between the investment in feedwater treatment equipment and feedwater treatment chemicals has been observed as installation of efficient equipment can significantly reduce chemical usage, increase cycles of concentration and improve overall plant efficiency. That said, increasing inclination towards adopting feedwater treatment equipment can influence future progress of the feedwater treatment chemicals market.

An ongoing research by FactMR offers incisive insights on the global feedwater treatment chemicals market. This research report is a comprehensive source of information that delivers value by offering an unbiased and a crystal clear scrutiny on the feedwater treatment chemicals market scenario at a global level. Several insights on key trends, developments and other aspects that impact the growth of the global market for feedwater treatment chemicals have been included in this research report.

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In companies that use boilers across various industries, an efficient water treatment for boiler feedwater becomes imperative. Feedwater treatment chemicals for boilers can ensure reduced maintenance costs, reduced downtime and reduced boiler failure. The use of feedwater treatment chemicals is expected to increase as they enhance boiler life by reducing corrosion, fouling and scaling of the boiler. Adoption of feedwater treatment chemicals is expected to increase in the coming years, owing to increasing use of boilers across industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals and oil and gas.

Treatment and Reuse of Feedwater to Fuel the Sales of Feedwater Treatment Chemicals

Since past years, the declining fresh water resources and abuse of water has caused severe water stress across many regions. To overcome this condition, governments across the globe have been applying stringent rules relating to treatment and reuse of feedwater. In addition, government is highly focused to improve municipal water facilities in urban & rural areas. Such developments for industrial and domestic and municipal water treatment are expected to create high demand for feedwater treatment chemicals over the forecast period.

Growing Petrochemical Industry to Spur the Demand for Feedwater Treatment Chemicals

Petrochemical industry has witnessed a steady growth since the past decade which has directly influenced the use of boilers in this sector. The United States petrochemical industry is expected to witness an upsurge with increasing exports as well as production of petrochemicals. This has spurred the use of feedwater treatment chemicals with increasing use of boilers in the manufacturing of petrochemicals.

Likewise, Asia Pacific also has reflected an upsurge in the petrochemical sector, with China to be at the forefront. The feedwater treatment market in Asia Pacific is expected to witness significant expansion with the increasing use of corrosion inhibitors, coagulants, flocculants, pH adjusters and biocides in the treatment of feedwater in boilers used in manufacturing of petrochemicals.

Innovative Developments by Key Participants to Fuel Growth of Global Feedwater Treatment Chemicals Market

With growing awareness regarding feedwater treatment for effective functioning of boilers, participants involved in feedwater treatment have been focused on developing advanced technologies to enhance the feedwater treatment process. For instance, advanced organic oxygen scavenger inorganic sulphite formulations developed by SUEZ remove dissolved oxygen that remains post deaeration process. Dissolved oxygen is a major threat to boilers that causes severe pitting of boilers and corrosion. This formulation by SUEZ enhances the reliability of the equipment, reduces costs associated with maintenance and reduces copper and iron levels in feedwater. Awareness regarding such techniques is expected to support the sales of feedwater treatment chemicals in the following years. Other key participants involved in the global feedwater treatment chemicals market include Ovivo, Thermax Chemicals, Ecolab Incorporated, Samco Technologies, Feedwater Ltd., BASF SE, and Dow Chemical Company.

Moreover, favourable government initiatives regarding infrastructure development has also influenced the feedwater treatment chemicals market. With infrastructural development in focus, the proliferating use of boilers in industries is expected to push the demand for chemicals used to treat boiler feedwater. For example, state government of California is focusing on energy efficiency projects for which it has invested around US$ 55 Bn. Additionally, California state government has also initiated funding for advanced boiler systems, which is around US$ 4 Mn. Such initiatives is accelerating the adoption of advanced boiler systems, due to which demand for boiler feedwater treatment chemicals is expected to rise in the coming years.

A volley of insights on the global market for feedwater treatment chemicals is provided in this research report. The research report on global feedwater treatment chemicals market provides analysis on the past market scenario, the current market know-how and also includes future market insights for a period of nine years (2018-2027). This research report can support the reader in gaining complete market intelligence on the demand and adoption of feedwater treatment chemicals spanning across various industries.

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