Identity Theft Protection Services Market Expansion to be Persistent During 2018 to 2027

Published: Wed May 01 2019

In order to dissert the market scenario prevailing across the "identity theft protection services market" sector, FactMR has evenly presented a new examination titled "Identity Theft Protection Services Market Expansion to be Persistent During 2018 to 2027 | Key Players are LifeLock Inc., Experian Plc., and Equifax Inc.", to its extensive online repository. With all vital market facets enclosed into this single assessment, readers can learn about different market drivers, opportunities and trends which are likely to influence the overall market space for the identity theft protection services market in the coming years. In addition, factors such as market size and revenue share are investigated so as to make this research highly authentic and reliable.

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The identity theft protection services market remains highly-competitive at the bottom level and moderately-competitive at top and middle levels. The emerging players or tier 3 players of the market account for a sizeable revenue share and remain highly oriented toward new product launches and acquisition strategies. The market players have been assessed in the report as per four propositions- leaders, challengers, followers, and aspirers. The report identifies players such as LifeLock, Inc., Experian Plc., and Equifax, Inc. as leaders with robust revenue footprints and innovative product portfolios. Companies such as Affinion Group and FICO are categorized as challengers, who possess the potential to scale up their revenues with innovation-driven strategies.

The report further categorizes companies such as LexisNexis Risk Solutions Inc. and TransUnion LLC as followers, who are growing at a steady pace to establish a stronghold in the global market space. Aspirers, such as Intersections Inc. and AllClear ID Inc., have been identified by the report as the ones vying to make it big in the market by observing their nearest competitors. With the resurgence of corporate abilities, the corporate profit margins are also witnessing considerable rise. The willingness to invest in identity theft protection services is also scaling up, aimed at safeguarding the increased income.

As per a recent revelation by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), profits from the current production (corporate profits along with inventory valuation as well as capital consumption adjustments) revved up to $76.0 billion in the third quarter, in comparison with an increase of $65.0 billion in the second quarter. Particulars as such provide credence to the fact that corporate profits are not declining anytime soon, portraying potential opportunities for the vendors of identity theft protection services. Conversely, any sort of inconsistency in corporate profits is likely to have adverse impact on the investments being made for these services, which might hamper their deployment rate.

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Financial transactions via internet have experienced sheer proliferation since the recent past, driven by factors such as speed and convenience. Technology-enabled transactions are not only famed for enhancing customer experiences, but have also enabled banks to scale up in terms of offering value-based services. However, the rising vigor of technology-driven financial transactions seems to have become a weapon of choice, when in case of fraudsters.

Increasing number of malicious data breaches associated with internet-based financial transactions are anticipated to necessitate the deployment of identity theft protection services. Identity theft protection services offer thorough protection by masking important details and tracking data of privacy invaders monitoring your personal data. Rising concerns associated with data breaches and identity thefts are likely to position the identity theft protection services market for a healthy growth in the upcoming years. Electronic ID has gained the centerstage as one of the most significant technology trends. In parallel with the mushrooming number of public stakeholders, digital identity has revolutionized the way individuals communicate with public institutions and is set to penetrate through the private sector at a meteoric pace.

With the rising emphasis on electronic IDs by federal governments worldwide, the instances of identity thefts as well as data breaches have also increased at an alarming rate. This, in turn, is triggering the rising focus and investments on identity theft protection services.

Identity theft protection services refer to the services used for monitoring and recovering services. Monitoring services help in observing and identifying signs of unauthorized use of one’s personal information. Meanwhile, the recovery services assist in terms of dealing with the ripple effects post-occurrence of an identity theft. Monitoring as well as recovery services are fundamentally sold together, and may consist of options entailing regular access to one’s data.

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