Cold Cast Elastomers Market: Prime Economies Expected to Deliver Major Growth until 2027

Published: Wed May 01 2019

Elastomers are polymers that are formed by the mixing of metal, wood, and other material with resins. Elastomers can stretch like rubber and then return to their original form when the force is removed. Cold cast elastomers are manufactured at room temperature, and do not require any high temperature for curing. Cold cast elastomers are used in an array of industries which include automobile, aviation, sports goods, oil and gas production, and other manufacturing verticals.

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The Fact.MR report on the cold cast elastomers market provides valuable and actionable insights into the cold cast elastomers market. In addition to the insights, the cold cast elastomers market report features comprehensive information on the market trends that are influencing the cold cast elastomers market and will continue to impact it. An authentic and exclusive forecast of the cold cast elastomers market for the 2018-2027 period has been included in the report.

Innovative Efforts of Cold Cast Elastomer Manufacturers to Optimize Manufacturing Efficiency

Ceaseless efforts of manufacturers toward development of quick and efficient manufacturing processes for elastomers have been driven by increasing demand for elastomeric components across industrial sectors. Exploring potency of Selective Laser Sintering for cold cast elastomer manufacturing, in combination with vacuum casting, has been one of the key focus areas of leading players. This can be primarily attributed to the convenience of the SLS process in time-effective production of complex shapes, devoid of the need for specific mold. Deeming efficiency of SLS combined with vacuum casting for elastomeric component manufacturing, innovative efforts of manufacturers are likely to pave lucrative avenues for growth of the cold cast elastomers market.

Pervasive Perpetuity of Polyurethane Manufacturing

Polyurethane continues to remain the most-widely used resin in the cold cast elastomers manufacturing, as it imparts essential properties for elastomers to be classified fit for industrial usage. With social and political pressure regarding environmental degradation on the rise, manufacturers are seeking green alternatives to conventional chemical raw materials for cold cast elastomers. Polyols used for manufacturing polyurethane can be potentially derived from plant or other natural source making the manufacturing process eco-friendly and economical. Another central development that is fuelling the production of polyurethane is its ability to reduce the percentage of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. Preference for carbon dioxide containing polyurethane is viewed as a viable solution to prevent and ebb carbon emissions, while improving the chemical, hydrolytic, and temperature resistance of cold cast elastomers.

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Palpable Utility of Cold Cast Elastomers in Industrial Applications

Cold cast elastomers have sought widespread industrial use, as these facilitate manufacturing at ambient temperature, depriving the requirement of heat for curation, and optimizing the manufacturing efficiency. The convenience of producing cold cast elastomers with both high and low-pressure mixing equipment, along with their unparalleled advantage in terms of cut & tear resistance, flexibility, and load-bearing capacity, hydrophobic nature, and and grease, compression set, radiation resistance, make it fit for use across a broad array of industrial applications. Additionally, these unparalleled attributes of cold cast elastomers will extensively complement their vitality in construction, aviation, and automobile industries, thereby boosting their production and demand.

Cold Cast Elastomers Market – Market Structure

The Fact.MR report on cold cast elastomers market provides comprehensive information about the market in terms of the value, volume, Y-o-Y growth, and CAGR. In addition to the valuable information, the cold cast elastomers market provides authentic insights by dividing the cold cast elastomers market on the basis of processing type, geographic region, and end-use applications.

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