Kinship Homestead Start-up Plans To Guarantee Easy and Effective Homesteading Strategies

Published: Thu May 02 2019

The Olmec Agro – Tech, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the global eradication of hunger, poverty and inequality, through sustainable agriculture, announced today the launch of its Kin’s Family Homestead to the World Campaign. The campaign offers a comprehensive and customizable start-up homesteading plans – house, garden, livestock and landscape that ensure food security in every household.

"The Kin’s Family Homestead to the World Campaign Startup Plans is designed by professional licensed architects," said Mr. Thomas Fuller, Olmec Agro – Tech’s Operations Director. "Since these plans are professionally designed, it saves homesteaders costly mistakes. It offers the highest level of assurance of homesteading success."

Hunger and malnutrition is prevalent not just in the United States, but it’s a worldwide predicament. Initiatives to help families have better access to healthy and nutritious food are all temporary. Meanwhile, reliable information about self-sufficiency efforts through homesteading is limited. Many homesteaders find themselves physically and financially drained.

The startup plans intends to solve this issue permanently. It aims to encourage and guide aspiring homesteaders to move forward without the fear of exhausting their time, effort and money.

Kin’s Family Homestead to the World Campaign Comprehensive Startup Plans Details:
•Complete House Plan - standard housing plan for family of 4 or more to have a quality of life on kin’s family homestead. Plan include full set of architecture perspective and layout, electrical/mechanical plans and video

•Garden, Landscape and Livestock Plan - complete plans when it comes to landscape, gardening and livestock. Customizable for the type of crops, trees and vegetation that suits the clients’ location and climate.

This campaign arms every individual towards achieving their homesteading goals through sound decision making and proper planning effortlessly.

About Olmec Agro – Tech

The Olmec Agro – Tech aims to empower every family through sustainable agriculture. Its goal is to inspire communities in building sustainable food and water systems that are equitable and ecologically sound. Olmec Agro- Tech believes that the Kin’s Family Homestead to the World Campaign is an indispensable tool to move every household out of poverty and hunger. The company is located at Tacoma, Washington. For more details, visit


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