Coagulation Factor IX Market to Deliver Prominent Growth & Striking Opportunities during 2018-2026

Published: Thu May 09 2019

Coagulation factor IX isn’t made by the body of hemophilia B patient thereby, external injection of coagulation factor IX is necessary for the treatment of such disorder. Coagulation factor IX is always injected directly into a vein. Lack of treatment options for hemophilia B disorder have further increased adoption of coagulation factor IX. This has brought number of opportunities for new entrants to enter in Coagulation Factor IX Market. 

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Deficiency of coagulation factor IX will result in Hemophilia B disorder. Treatment of Hemophilia B has been evolved with the introduction of first of plasma-derived and then of recombinant FIX concentrates. Prevalence of Hemophilia B is anticipated to be 1 in 30,000 individuals across the globe, which is likely to bolster significant demand for coagulation factor IX over foreseeable future.

Incidences of hemophilia B have not been well known however, over 40 thousand people are estimated to be victim of this disorder each year. Further, almost 75% of people with hemophilia B across the globe still won’t be able to receive adequate treatment. Thereby, governments of various countries have been focusing on developing awareness related to adequate consumption of coagulation factor IX. Government initiatives such as arrangement of medical treatment campaigns is likely to further bolster demand for coagulation factor IX.

Coagulation Factor IX Market: Introduction

For the making of protein named coagulation factor IX, instruction have been provided by F9 genes. Coagulation factor IX is the growth of protein that are essential for the formation of blood clots. The clots generated by coagulation factor IX are likely to help protect body by sealing off damaged blood vessels and prevent further blood loss. Coagulation factor IX is produced in the liver and coagulation factor IX circulates in the bloodstream in an inactive form until an injury, which damages blood vessels.

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In a bid to response to the injury, coagulation factor IX is activated by another factor called factor XIa. Insufficient coagulation factor IX is likely to lead severe disorder titled hepatitis B. The hepatitis B, occurred owing to insufficient amount of hepatitis B is a viral infection, which is likely to attack liver and can be the cause of chronic and acute diseases. The virus transmits through the contact with the infected blood. The treatment of hepatitis B can only be done by injecting coagulation factor IX to body veins. Hepatitis B is an important occupational hazard for health workers. There are very rare options for the treatment of hepatitis B. Injection of coagulation factor IX is the primary and widely adopted treatment option across the globe, which is further boosting the growth of global coagulation factor IX market.

Coagulation Factor IX Market: Dynamics

Along with the treatment of hepatitis B, coagulation factor IX have number of applications such as it is utilized for controlling bleeding in people with little amount of coagulation factor IX. People with little amount of coagulation factor IX are prone to bleed for longer time. Coagulation factor IX need not to be utilized to reverse the effects of blood thinners.

Determination of common chromatographic conditions and investigation on the regeneration of disk- and tube-shaped monolithic columns can be conducted with the use of a protein albumin. This protein can be determined by the separation of factor IX and vitronectin. Owing serious side effects of minimum amount of coagulation factor IX, number of governments have been taking initiatives to bring awareness related to the consumption of coagulation factor IX. This is likely to boost growth of global coagulation factor IX market over foreseeable future.

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