Harbor Deepening Market Excessive Growth Opportunities Estimated to be Experienced 2018-2028

Published: Mon May 13 2019

More than 30% of harbor deepening demand is generated by government organizations in end-user segment: Fact.MR

The global harbor deepening market was valued at US$ 4.1 billion in 2017. The market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 3% over the forecast period, 2018-2028.

Harbor deepening is a service required for digging activities, particularly in ports and harbors for various purposes. Harbor deepening finds its applications in capital deepening, trade maintenance, urban development and coastal protection. On the basis of end users, the harbor deepening market is segmented into government organization, private organization, mining & energy companies and oil & gas companies. The key market players in the harbor deepening market are based out in Europe, however, they operate in international waters. Major projects of these players are in the Middle-East due to the constant demand from the oil & gas sector. Along with trade maintenance, urban development coastal protection activity is also contributing substantially in the harbor deepening market growth, mainly in the countries with a limited land area such as Singapore and Malaysia, and countries with along coastline and prone to flood and waterborne calamities.

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Drivers & Restraints:

The global harbor deepening market has witnessed its share of ups and downs, especially after the global recession of 2007-08. However, with the recovery in global economy, the world trade has also grown significantly. A spurt in the global infrastructure activities has necessitated the need for expansion and maintenance of existing harbor and development of new ones. Considering the fact that over 85% of global trade is carried out through sea trade, maintaining existing pathways and creating new ones has gained prominence. According to UNCTAD, global seaborne trade volume surpassed 10 billion tons in 2015, with shipments expanding by over 2%. With an increase in population, there is an emerging need for huge cargo. As a result, docking space on port and harbor is expanding.

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Market Taxonomy:

The global market for harbor deepening is segmented as per application and end user.

As per application, the global harbor deepening is segmented as follows:

Capital Deepening
Trade Maintenance
Urban Development
Coastal Protection
As per end user, the global harbor deepening is segmented as follows:

Government Organizations
Private Organizations
Mining & Energy Companies
Oil & Gas Companies
Trade maintenance activities among application segment of harbor deepening market is expected to drive the global market by value. Among end user segment, government organizations segment is anticipated to dominate the global market during the forecast period along with significant growth in private organization segment.

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Competitive Landscape:

Key players operating in the global market for harbor deepening include Royal Boskalis Westminster, Van Oord Dredging & Marine Contractors, Jan De Nul, DEME, Hyundai E&C Ltd., Penta Ocean Construction Ltd., China Harbor Engineering Company, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation and Toa Corporation.

Table of Contents Covered in the report are:

Chapter 1 Executive Summary

Chapter 2 Global Harbor Deepening Market Overview
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Market Definition
2.3 Scope of the Report/Taxonomy
2.4 Opportunity Analysis in Harbor Deepening Market
2.5 Mega Trends in Harbor Deepening Market

Chapter 3 Market Dynamics
3.1 Key Growth Drivers
3.1.1 Growing Seaborne Trade Continues to Provide Impetus:
3.1.2 Growth in the Global Tourism Sector
3.1.3 Increase in Post-Panamax Ships Leading to Port Maintenance Work in Major Ports
3.2 Key Trends
3.3 Industry Opportunity
3.4 Industry Challenges
3.5 Market White Spaces Analysis and Wheel of Fortune Opportunity Analysis

Chapter 4 Associated Industry and Key Indicator Assessment
4.1 Global Dredging Industry Overview
4.2 Seaborne Trade Overview
4.3 Free and Open Market Assessment
4.4 Key Port Modernization Projects
4.5 Market Value Chain
4.6 Cost Structure Analysis
4.7 List of Active Participants
4.8 Investment Feasibility Matrix
4.9 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
4.10 PEST Analysis
4.11 Technology Roadmap
4.12 Global Harbor Deepening Market Scenario Forecast (Optimistic, Likely and Conservative Market Conditions)
4.13 Forecast Factors

Chapter 5 Global Harbor Deepening Market Analysis
5.1 Global Market Outlook
5.1.1 Market Value Forecast and Analysis
5.1.2 Regional Demand Assessment Market Value Share by Region
5.2 Global Harbor Deepening Market Analysis by Application
5.2.1 Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast by Application
5.2.2 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by Application
5.2.3 Market Attractiveness Analysis by Application
5.3 Global Harbor Deepening Market Analysis by End User
5.3.1 Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast by End User
5.3.2 Y-o-Y Growth Comparison by End User
5.3.3 Market Attractiveness Analysis by End User

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