Fertility Tourism Market Offers Greater Revenue Share with Rising Contributions from Major Players,

Published: Wed May 29 2019

Fertility Tourism is a practice of moving or traveling to some other country for the treatment of fertility disorder. Fertility tourism can be called as medical tourism or reproductive tourism and there can be various reasons for fertility tourism. Non-availability of any treatment procedure in the home country can be a major reason for Fertility Tourism Market. There can be some treatment procedures, which cannot be performed in the home country due to lack of certain machines or lack of skilled professionals, hence can lead to fertility tourism.

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Presence of legal regulations on any treatment procedure can be another reason for fertility tourism. Legal regulations on any treatment procedure can be associated with ethical issues or social issues. Availability of lower cost treatments in the destination country, is one of the major reason, leading to fertility tourism. Many women, from U.S and U.K, travel for treating their infertility issues by in-vitro fertilization, to save their money.

In-vitro fertilization and artificial insemination are the two main treatment procedures, which are done by fertility tourism. In-vitro fertilization is a procedure used to treat infertility. In the in-vitro fertilization procedure, mature eggs are collected from the ovaries. The procedure is performed in the laboratory where the matured eggs are fertilized by the sperms. In-vitro fertilization is the most common and effective treatment procedure, performed by fertility tourism.

Artificial insemination, is another common infertility treatment procedure, leading to the growth of fertility tourism market. In artificial insemination, the sperms are introduced in the reproductive tract of a female by means of other ways, except sexual intercourse.

Sex selection is prohibited in many countries such as India, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. There are many parents who want to get to know about the child’s sex, hence travel to some other country, where sex selection is considered as a legal process.

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Increasing research & developmental activities and technological advancement, are the main factors which lead to the introduction of various treatments for the issues related to infertility. Increasing incidence of fertility disorders such as ejaculative disorders, hormonal imbalance etc. can be a driver of the fertility tourism market. Cancer can also be a cause of infertility and can lead to increasing fertility tourism. Increasing health awareness leading to the rising diagnosis of fertility disorders drives the Fertility Tourism market. High intake of certain medicines, such as anabolic steroids, sulfasalazine etc. can increase the occurrence of fertility disease, hence can drive the fertility tourism market. High disposable income and healthcare expenditure, are expected to increase the growth of fertility tourism market. Excess alcohol consumption can lead to infertility, which can contribute towards the growth of fertility tourism market. Ovulation disorders are the most common disorders, which can increase the growth of fertility tourism market.

There can be some complications, associated with fertility tourism, such as the introduction of embryos in the uterus, leading to multiple pregnancies, can hinder the growth if fertility tourism market. Fertility tourism can also lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which can include the occurrence of adverse reactions to infertility drugs. The occurrence of ectopic pregnancy and the occurrence of possible birth defects can restrain the growth of fertility tourism market.

Fertility Tourism Market: Region-wise Outlook

On the basis of geography, global Fertility Tourism market can be studied by several key regions, which includes North America, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania and the Middle East and Africa. Many people especially Europeans prefer to go to North America for the purpose of fertility tourism as the U.S has a higher success rate of infertility treatment procedures. Also, because of the presence of liberal regulations, North America is mostly preferred for fertility tourism.

Mexico has become a popular place for fertility tourism, because of the presence of liberal policies associated with in-vitro fertilization treatment. Israel is the leading place for fertility tourism. India and other Asian countries are also leading places for some of the infertility treatments.

Egg donation is a legal process in a number of European countries such as Italy, Germany etc. Many women prefer to go to these European countries where they can be paid for the egg donation.

Fertility Tourism Market: Key Players

There are many companies which provide fertility tourism facilities for the performance of various infertility treatment procedures. Some of the companies providing fertility tourism facility  are Renew FertilityCare, Global Egg Donors, Medical Tourism Corporation, Med Journeys, Visit and Care, Med Journeys, Medical Tourism Corporation, Smart Choice Medical Travel etc.

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