Termite Control Services Market Projections & Future Opportunities Recorded for the Period until 202

Published: Fri Jun 07 2019

A fresh report has been added to the wide database of Fact.MR. The research study is titled "Termite Control Services Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market Insights 2018 to 2027" which encloses important data about the production, consumption, revenue and market share, merged with information related to the market scope and product overview.

Fact.MR’s recent study foresees the termite control services market to continue on its sluggishness in 2018, with a revenue growth of just nearly US$ 165 Mn over 2017. An amalgamation of distinct aspects, ranging from shift toward contracted termite control services, and use of semiochemicals as an eco-friendly alternative to pesticides, is likely to underpin growth of the termite control services market.

M&As and Regional Expansion: A Pervasive Strategy for Termite Control Services Market Players

Termite control services market is highly fragmented with presence of a large number of local and regional players who hold sway in a particular state or city. Established players in the termite control services market are in constant seek for entering into strategic partnerships or merger & acquisition activities with the regional competitors, to capitalize on their service-specific offerings, thereby expanding their customer base and global footprint alike.

Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators recently announced its merger and acquisition of the Knockout Pest & Termite, which would strengthen its presence in Southern Alabama’s commercial & residential pest and termite control services market. The acquisition provides Arrow with eight service centers of Knockout throughout the Alabama state.

Rollins has recently strengthened its position in Kansas and Oklahoma with acquisition of the Ponca City – a pest control service provider. This acquisition will offer Rollins with Ponca’s P.E.S.T machine – an electrostatic duster, along with procedures and protocols.

Plunkett’s Pest Control acquired Bugeaters Pest Control and L&S Termite and Pest Control, both family-owned businesses offering quality pest management services to customers. The acquisition is a perfect fit for Plunkett’s, L&S and Bugeaters alike, all being full-service providers of pest management services.

Indianapolis-based Askren Termite and Pest Control recently merged with Franklin Pest Solutions. The merger will act as a boon for the latter as it will reap benefits throughout their overall network of services across Wisconsin, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana.

Black Diamond, in early September 2018, announced its opening of franchise location in eastern Kentucky’s River Cities area, thereby expanding its service reach for both commercial and residential clients in the area.

In early August 2018, Gregory Pest Solutions acquired the Greenville-based Commander Pest Solutions, to leverage its pest control services and termite treatment technique offerings across the area.

Rentokil Steritech recently finalized a deal of acquiring The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, which would expand its business footprint in Northern California Market. The acquisition further adds 120 fulltime Hitmen employees to Rentokil’s staff.

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Advancements in strategies of integrated pest management (IPM) have observed significant escalations, upheld particularly by contribution of chemical ecology. Public demand and environmental concerns associated with use of toxic pesticides and insecticides for managements of pests, such as termites, have led to development of sustainable alternatives such as "semiochemicals" – a novel discovery of chemical ecology. Semiochemicals currently seek extensive adoption in pest management as sex pheromones, thereby attracting more and more termite control services providers to inculcate the technique. Relative specificity, low toxicity and greater potency of semiochemicals are key attributes that have proliferated their demand in termite control services, as eco-friendly alternatives to pesticides and insecticides. Currently, semiochemicals-based termite control services are offered as pheromone lures and traps for monitoring reasons, meanwhile being leveraged for the development of mating disruption techniques.

Termite Control Services Providers Entering the "Smart Era"

Termite control services providers are increasingly embracing adoption of smart techniques, which prevent costly infestations through sustainable solutions. Constant monitoring and instant reactive steps offered by such smart techniques has become a new focus area for termite control services providers to adopt. Providers who emphasize on the provision of intelligent, digital process-based termite control services, which facilitate detection of blind spots and around-the-clock surveillance, are likely to witness promising growth prospects in the foreseeable future. IoT and artificial intelligence are also witnessed to have gradually permeated the area of termite control services, with connected devices and sensors simplifying trapping processes, along with the provision of real-time monitoring and notifications. Anticimex’s SMART digital trap is a prime example of such an IoT development in termite control services. Additionally, advanced termite control services include use of camera-equipped drones that offer a bird’s eye view of termite issues, emerging not only as safer option for service providers but also optimizing the processes and cutting-down manpower costs in the long-run.

Determination of potency or incidence of termite damage to residential and commercial structures is not yet accurate, however the construction industry, in co-operation with the governments, continues to recommend adequate control measures to reduce structural risk & costs apropos of termite damage. For example, the Building Code of Australia necessitates structural components of new buildings to be safe from termite damage. Considerable research & development activities are being taken into broader range of efficacious alternatives to hand-spraying of insecticides and pesticides, which in turn has resulted in development of cost-effective and innovative solutions such as pre-construction termite control and use of smart pest control techniques. Additionally, changes in termite preventative measures have led to collaborative efforts between local & state government authorities and building industry associations for addressing issues related to termite damage. Introduction and compliance to new standards and methods has resulted in a widening list of effective alternative options, thereby enabling real estate developers to advice clients in selecting among a range of options as per their investment suitability.

Providers Emphasize on Efficient Technician Scheduling as a Key Profit Determinant

Termite control services providers are shifting their focus toward maximizing productivity of their technicians, with labor being most significant cost-intensive asset. These providers are putting higher emphasis on efficient routing and scheduling of tasks for enabling technicians to complete more termite treatments per day. Termite control services providers who invest in route scheduling software and GPS systems are likely to witness promising future prospects, while boosting their technician productivity. Leading providers in the termite control services market are offering cost-effective schemes via homeowner associations, and using direct canvassing & referrals for expanding their customer base.

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The report on the termite control services market provides actionable insights on supply & demand trends of the termite control services worldwide, in combination with a detailed assessment on competitor landscape of the termite control services market. Exhaustive data on preeminent and emerging termite control services providers has been delivered in the report, along with study on their product overview, company overview, key developments and key financials. Key players in the termite control services market, as profiled by the report, include Sanix Incorporated, Arrow Exterminators Inc., Massey Services Inc., and Anticimex.

Some of the key developments made by leading termite control services market players and government authorities have been listed below –

Prime Termite has recently introduced its green termite treatment techniques, namely, Bora-Care Foaming directed toward exterior & interior structures of residential and commercial buildings, and Thermigation (Heat-Plus Treatment) directed toward drywood termites. These are claimed to be state-of-the-art and green treatment methods for termite control, which eliminate the use of chemicals – both natural and organic.

The Australian Environmental Pest Management Association (AEPMA) is taking efforts for promoting the culture of innovation and professionalism in pest management, such as termite control services, in associated and allied industries including building and construction. This Code of Practice has been prepared for promoting stakeholders involved in the incorporation of termite control services. Initiatives such as "gold standard" code of ethics, higher standard of education and training for the termite control services market players, development of the "National Competency Standards," and professional accreditation via PestCert, have been taken by AEPMA to promote innovation in the termite control services market.

Fact.MR’s report on termite control services market is a comprehensive compilation of valuable as well as actionable insights. A scrutinized assessment on the termite control services market is delivered in this report that includes study on key dynamics such as drivers, opportunities, trends and restraints, influencing current and future prospects of the termite control services market. Primary aim of this report is to deliver its readers with an authentic intelligence on the termite control services market, to aid them in collecting and slating possible strategies on the basis of holistic insights delivered on termite control services market. This further enables the report readers to align well with the changing dynamics of termite control services market.

An overview of termite control services market is covered in the report, to help clients better understand their future growth potential in the termite control services market. This is further expected to enable them in making proper decisions on future direction of their businesses related to termite control services, as well as making lucrative investment decisions in the termite control services market. A realistic view of the termite control services market acumen is offered in the report, eliminating all biases, coupled with data on termite control services market in terms of value (US$ Mn).

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