Anti-Fatigue Mats Market Investigation Reveals Enhanced Growth during the forecast Period, 2018-2028

Published: Mon Jun 10 2019

Anti-fatigue mats are specially designed variants aimed at reducing fatigue caused by standing on a hard or rigid surface, such as cement floors for long period of time. Fatigue-reducing mats are composed of various materials, such as wood, rubber, carpeting materials, and vinyl.

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Anti-fatigue mats have been gaining traction, owing to their growing adoption to alleviate foot and lower limb disorders for workers who stand in one position for long durations. Prolonged standing badly affects various parts of the body, especially the knees, feet, legs, and the hips, which, in turn, is driving the sales of anti-fatigue mats. The fatigue reducing mats have even penetrated into office settings, wherein sit-stand desks are increasingly becoming popular. Anti-fatigue floor mats and rubber mats have become an integral part of the manufacturing sector and retail establishments. Industries are increasingly seeking anti-fatigue mats that enable safe and comfortable atmosphere for employees by providing a stable, and cushioned work station, thereby preventing slip & fail accidents. These factors are providing impetus to the growth of Anti-Fatigue Mats Market.

Anti-Fatigue Mats Market – Competitive Landscape

In February 2019, the global leader in commercial floor mat manufacturing, Mountville Mills acquired Bartex NV to expand its product line and manufacturing efficiencies. Bartex is a leader in dust control mat manufacturing for uniform, linen, and facility services’ companies across Europe.

In November 2018, a manufacturer of industrial & residential anti-fatigue mats, Satech, Inc., launched a collection of SmartCells SlimLine anti-fatigue mats. SmartCells SlimLine mats have a rubber-based construction and they don’t absorb liquid, and are easy to clean.

COBA Europe Ltd.

Founded in 2004, and based in Fleckney, United Kingdom, the company manufactures and supplies commercial, industrial, and leisure safety matting & entrance flooring products. COBA Europe Ltd operates as a subsidiary of Coba International Ltd.

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Founded on June 25, 1929, and headquartered in Maplewood, Minnesota, United States, the company is a manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of products and services. 3M operates through five segments, including health care, industrial, safety and graphics, and Consumer

First Mats Limited

Incorporated in 2012, and headquartered in Hall Green, Birmingham (UK), First Mats Limited designs and manufactures extensive range of supreme floor mats for various industries, ranging from industrial anti-fatigue mats to residential safety mats, heavy-duty rubber flooring, and leisure center matting.

Mountville Mills

Incorporated in 1963, and based in LaGrange, Georgia, Mountville Mills develops the next generation of mats specially designed to provide superior safety, cleanliness, and comfort to customers and workers across the world. The product offerings of this company include a wide range of mats, such as image mats, anti-fatigue mats, specialty mats, and rolled goods and tiles, among others.


Founded in 1988, and based in Washington, the company is specialized in the development and marketing of SmartCells® cushioning technology to prevent fall-related incidences and injuries by frail at-risk persons, to reduce standing-worker fatigue, and prevent impact injuries during rehabilitation and fitness activities.

Anti-Fatigue Mats Market Dynamics

Upward Occupation Related Health Issues Prompting Higher Deployment of Medically-Beneficial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Bugeoning occupation related health issues caused by standing on rough floors for long durations of time are paving way for higher adoption of anti-fatigue mats at workplaces. Tiredness, discomfort, and sore feet, hips, and legs after long hours of standing are the combined effect of various factors, primarily the design of the work, and the flooring material. Anti-fatigue mats are widely used for reducing the stress, wear and tear and fatigue caused by standing for long period of time. Rise in importance given to the worker safety and growing need to offer healthy work environment at workplace has led to an increase in the demand for anti-fatigue mats in industries. Numerous benefits of anti-fatigue mats, such as they reduce fatigue caused by standing for long, accidents led by slips and trips at work, noise, and material damages are driving their deployment across industries. These factors are proving an impetus to the growth in anti-fatigue mats market.

Regular Maintenance Required by Anti-Fatigue Mats Impeding Market Growth

Anti-fatigue mats require regular maintenance, as they begin to disintegrate during the course of time, thereby leading to hazards, including tripping and other safety concerns. This factor is slightly limiting the growth in anti-fatigue mats market, however, several manufacturers are increasingly incorporating long-lasting material in the manufacturing processes to introduce durable mat variants. Moreover numerous issues pertaining to the curling and buckling of anti-fatigue mats are also limiting the sales of these mats.

Trend of Eco-Friendly Anti-Fatigue Mats Gaining Momentum

Shifting user preference for green and eco-friendly products are paving way for the environment-friendly variants in the anti-fatigue mats market. Growing environmental concerns have propelled almost all industries to incorporate and leverage eco-friendly products and materials. Growing demand for eco-friendly anti-fatigue mats are compelling manufactures to offer products composed of recycled materials. Consequently, several companies in anti-fatigue mats market have introduced mats made of recycled materials, for instance, GelPro® NewLife® Eco-Pro is a line of high-quality, eco-friendly and ergonomic commercial anti-fatigue floor mats.

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