Glucosinolates Market Booming Trends and Forecast Assessment for the Period 2018 – 2028

Published: Fri Jun 21 2019

Glucosinolates are naturally occurring S-linked glucosides that are enzymatically hydrolyzed to produce D-glucose, sulfate ions, and characteristic degradation products like isothiocyanates. Beneficial effects of glucosinolates such as regulatory functions in inflammation, antioxidant activities, antimicrobial properties, stress response, and others have been influencing their adoption across various industries in the recent times. Increasing use of such chemicals as raw materials in nutraceuticals production in order to promote liver, lungs, and heart health is likely to favor the development of Glucosinolates Market. In addition, ever-growing demand for food and animal feed is expected to fuel growth of the glucosinolates market as the compound has always made major contribution to the diets of human as well as farm animals.

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With consumer changing food preferences and lifestyles and shifting towards healthy eating habits, food manufactures are focusing on utilizing ingredients with rich nutrient content, which in turn is foreseen to boost growth of glucosinolates market. The glucosinolates are also gaining increasing demand from agricultural sector for their ability to fight against plant pests and diseases. Continued focus of manufacturers on providing organic and clean label ingredients to meet the growing demand for transparency in the products’ quality will possibly open new growth prospects of glucosinolates market.

The demand within the global market for glucosinolates has been expanding on account of continuous discoveries of new uses of glucosinolates. A naturally occurring component in several plants including cabbage, mustard, radish, Glucosinolate is widely used in the agriculture sector.  Glucosinolates contain natural chemicals that can protect plants against insecticides and pesticides, and hence, the agriculture sector has emerged as a major consumer of glucosinolates. It is expected that the ever-increasing demand for enhanced agricultural productivity would give an impetus to the growth of the global market for glucosinolates. Furthermore, the presence of amino acids in glucosinolates has opened avenues for research in the field of organic chemistry. Hence, it is safe to estimate that the global market for glucosinolates has attracted the interest of key investors and stakeholders in recent times.

Toxicity in the human body can be a cause for several diseases relating to the heart, lives, and lungs. The counter action of glucosinolates against toxic substances is also projected to propel demand over the forthcoming years. Geographically, the demand for glucosinolates in North America is expected to rise at a boisterous rate due to the prolific nature of the agriculture industry in the region. The market for glucosinolates in Europe and Asia Pacific are also expected to perform well on the global landscape.

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Agriculture has remained the backbone of nation’s economy since several decades. The agriculture output in terms of production of crops continues to increase, with growing demand for wheat, rice and other coarse grains. For instance, according to the analysis of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in United States, the production of wheat 47.37 million metric tons per hectare which is expected to increase to touch 49.57 million metric tons per hectare in the 2018-2019 timeline. Likewise, EU reflected a 154.37 million tons hectare production of wheat in 2017, which is anticipated to reach 151.58 million tons per hectare by end of 2018. Considering the emerging economies, India tops the list as it reflects 87.0 million metric tons of production in 2017 which is expected to touch 98.51 million metric tons by 2018 end. Likewise, for other crops such as rice and coarse grains, the world production is expected to increase by 1.27 million metric tons and 24.41 million metric tons respectively by 2018 end. Glucosinolates are used for protection of crops to reduce the disease pressure and act as natural insecticides. Growers have largely relied on brassica and broccoli crops in crop rotation in order to enhance soil health and decrease disease intensities, as glucosinolates present in these crops suppress diseases. This factor coupled with increasing crop production across the globe is expected to support the growth of glucosinolates market during the assessment period.

Cancer and CVDs – Potential Growth Opportunity?

Increasing incidences of cancer across the globe have compelled medical practitioners and scientists to develop novel solutions to reduce the occurrence of the chronic disorder. For example, according to American Cancer Society and National Center for Health Statistics, in 2017 around 1,688,780 cancer cases were recorded. According to World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 100 women in European countries are at a high risk of developing cervical cancer. Around 20 percent of deaths in European countries are caused due to cancer development. Emerging economies are no different, with increasing cancer rates in China and India have been witnessed. This is expected to present significant growth opportunities for cancer defeating compounds such as glucosinolates, which is likely to push the production of plants containing this compound such as broccoli in the coming years.

In addition, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) prevalence is also increasing at a high pace due to improper diet and lifestyle. According to European Cardiovascular Disease Statistics, in 2017, cardiovascular diseases accounted for around 45 percent of deaths in the European countries. Japan is no exception to this, as deaths owing to heart related disorders have risen in the country, making it a subject of concern and high importance for medical practitioners there. Cardiovascular diseases have become pandemic with unhealthy lifestyle and excess consumption of food. Glucosinolates being an effective solution in reducing chances of CVDs, the demand for these naturally found compounds is expected to rise, though research is still in its nascent phase.

Glucosinolates for Liver Health

Liver damage has been observed as a common health problem associated with higher consumption of alcohol and other junk foods. It becomes essential to remove toxins from liver for efficient body functioning and avoid liver scarring. The function of liver detoxification is carried out by selenium natural compounds, antioxidants and liver enzymes that flush out the toxins. Nutritionists have recommended consumption of avocado, cauliflower and broccoli in regular diets as it enables production of glutathione that cleanses the liver, remove carcinogens and other toxins due to glucosinolates, which is present in adequate amounts in these foods. Glucosinolates, acting as activators and producers of enzymes in liver for detoxification, promote liver health.

Adequate Amount of Glucosinolates Recommended, Excess Causes Goiter   

FDA (Food and Drug Association) has regulated the amount of glucosinolates in certain food products, as extremely high levels of glucosinolates impair thyroid function. They are also called goitrogens as they block iodine uptake, which is an essential nutrient that facilitates efficient metabolism, growth, cognitive development and hormone balancing. Shortage of iodine causes enlargement of thyroid glands causing goiter. Unregularized intake of glucosinolates is expected to pose challenges to the growth of the glucosinolates market during the period of assessment.

The report on glucosinolates market has profiled key participants involved in manufacturing of the compound. It covers business analysis and key developments of stakeholders in the market. Love Life Supplements Ltd., Jarrow Formulas GmbH, Nutra Canada, Wincobel, Source Naturals, Xian Yuensun Biological Technology Co. Ltd., and Interherb Ltd., are few of the major participants in the glucosinolates market.

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