Probiotic Soda Market Innovative Trends Implemented by Manufacturers Steering Growth until 2028

Published: Mon Jun 24 2019

Beverages do more than quenching thirst, and that’s the reason behind rapidly upgrading beverage market. The growing trend of probiotics in the food and beverage industry coupled with the increasing inclination of millennial toward probiotic beverages, demand for probiotic soda as a functional ingredient have been identified as the key factors that could prove lucrative for the growth in Probiotic Soda Market. Furthermore, the rapidly changing consumer beverage preferences, side-effects of bacteria-based soda and the emergence of DIY era, are prompting the manufacturers of probiotic soda to grow their focus on the trends being followed by their target consumers, to be able to reach out to them in a much more efficient way. However, the commercial success of probiotic products, such as probiotic soda ultimately depends on taste and appeal to the consumer.
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The proliferating beverage industry with myriad variety in drinks and beverages continue to hard press probiotic soda manufacturers to raise their game and adopt highly strategic approaches to stay ahead of competition. Focus on the beverage purchasing trends has gained ground as a key strategy that many probiotic soda manufacturers are following in a bid to attract attention and draw sales, even if it demands altering key raw ingredients. The emergence of DIY trend coupled with the easy-availability of probiotic soda-making videos on social channels, such as YouTube, continue to raise the competition bar for the manufacturers of probiotic soda, which are making it essential for probiotic soda manufacturers to deliver products that stand out.
Beverages Becoming Next Food Category Where Healthy Bacteria Could Make Their Mark
There is every reason to believe that beverages could be the next food category where the healthy bacteria will make their mark with the growing direct incorporation of probiotic microorganisms into drinks, such as soda. Direct Liquid Inoculation system has been identified as the key to the development of trend of probiotic beverages, such as probiotic soda, as the system allows beverage manufacturers to add the probiotic bacteria directly to the final product. The growing adoption of this innovation could significantly boost the probiotic beverages market by creating lucrative sales prospects for probiotic soda manufacturers.
Probiotic Soda Market Remains Highly Influenced by Rising Health Concerns and Movements
Several studies have shown the ill effects of soda consumption indicating far more health risks than many of us may realize, as regular intake of sugary drinks is associated with myriad health issues, such as asthma, diabetes, COPD, heart disease, and obesity. The growing emphasis of food and beverages watch dogs on the negative impacts of soft drink and soda consumption has creating challenges for soft drink manufacturers for long. Such concerns have shifted the consumer focus, prompting them to believe that fermented drinks can enhance digestive health. Sensing the same, soft drink manufacturers have accelerated the adoption of probiotic soda as a functional ingredient in manufacturing beverages, which in turn may translate into a significant surge in opportunities for soft drink manufacturers, thereby triggering the growth in soda probiotics market.
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Lack of consumer education around probiotics has been posing a significant challenge for leading probiotic manufactures, making it vital for the key players in probiotic soda market to take initiatives focused on explaining the benefits of probiotics, if they want to secure future market growth in probiotic soda. Besides spreading basic probiotic education, probiotic beverages’ manufacturers also need to prioritize supplementary education related to labeling practices to be able to create a strong hold in the market.
Competition Landscape: Notable Developments
A prominent player in probiotic soda market- LIVE Soda has recently launched a shelf-stable, five-SKU line of probiotic sodas. The founder and CEO of LIVE Soda said that the latest line fits with the company’s goal to offer better-for-you substitutes for soda and other motivations.
After being badly hit by dairy backlash, kefir maker Lifeway Foods is working on a novel internal restructuring project, and is likely to launch a new plant-based probiotic line named Plantiful soon.
A leading beverage provider in numerous markets- Royal Unibrew-has expanded its reach in the soft drinks sector by acquiring France’s Etablissements Geyer Fréres (EGF) for $94 million in a strategic move to increase its products’ access to the American and French soft drinks markets.
Probiotic Soda Market: Regional Outlook
The insufficient awareness of the probiotic health benefits in the emerging economies in Asia Pacific region, such as China and India is making these parts of the world lucrative for the probiotic soda manufacturers, who have been taking initiatives to tap untouched markets both in terms of awareness and competition. Furthermore, fermented foods have an established hold in Europe, where consumers have optimistic outlook towards probiotic products, which make the region a progressive platform for leading probiotic soda manufacturers to tap.
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