Sour Sugar Market Prospects Pinpoint Higher Traction from Developed Nations during 2018-2027

Published: Mon Jun 24 2019

Sour sugar or sour sanding, made from sugar and citric or tartaric acid, is a food ingredient that is generally used to impart a sour taste or flavor. With consumers continuously looking for new flavor experiences, confectionary producers are focusing on the development of creative and innovative food products. Sour sugar has brought possibilities for such products and differentiating confectionary brands. This is likely to be a key factor propelling growth of Sour Sugar Market. Sour flavors in food industry have gained much popularity among consumers across the globe as the sour products are considered to contain less or no sugar, thereby contributing to the development of sour sugar market.

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Increase in demand for sour sugar in food industry as an ideal solution to provide instant but mild sourness in products such as soft gums is expected to fuel growth of the sour sugar market in the coming years. Sour sugar not only imparts dry and stable surface appearance but also its slow moisture migration and no loss of surface flavor improve the shelf life of the product. In addition, sour sugar remains white and visually attractive for longer period which in turn increases the consumption, creating growth opportunities for the sour sugar market.

Consumer’s Willingness to Experience Novel Flavors Have Intensified Demand among Food Manufacturers

Rapid shift in the preferences and tastes of individuals is becoming the "new normal" in the cosmetic, personal care, and food and beverage industry. Fragmented tastes and preferences of the customers have led forward-looking retailers and leading cosmetic and food manufacturers to broaden their product line and introduce products flavors and products that align well with the growing requirements of customers. As customers today are willing to experience novel and health-benefitting products, major companies are focusing on narrowing their investments towards developing unusual flavors such as sweet and sour, and chewy confectioneries that differentiates the brand from the crowded market.

Popularity of sour-flavored candies among confectionery consumers will continue to intensify demand for sour sugar, which is likely to equate well with the end product demand globally. The global candy market in 2018 is estimated to account for over US$ 45 Bn with a year on year growth of over 3% year on year, equating to significant potential and opportunity for sour sugar manufacturers.

Leading Companies to Broaden Their Product Line towards Application-Specific Products

Besides confectionery industry, consumption of the sour sugar has continued to witness considerable demand in various other industries including cosmetic, personal care, and pharmaceutical industry. Of particular importance is the increased demand for sour sugar in the cosmetic industry. Leading manufacturers are concentrating on utilizing sour sanding as an important component in a range of cosmetic and personal care products such as bath bombs, detergents, shampoos, and dermal care products. With the incorporation of sour sanding in the cosmetic and personal care products, manufacturers are focusing on developing even skin tone solutions.

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For instance, cosmetic companies such as Amaretto has launched a range of sour sugar scrubs for exfoliating and moisturizing the body. Application of this product offers juicy and refreshing fragrance to the customers. In addition, various cosmetic and personal care companies are focusing on developing innovative products such as sour watermelon sugar scrub cubes through e-commerce platforms such as Through developing novel and innovative products, cosmetic and personal care companies are focusing on pushing their position high on the success ladder.

Flavor Retention, Slow Moisture Migration, and Long-Shelf Life: Focus on Production of Enhanced Texture and Quality of Confectioneries to Boost Demand

To ensure stable and dry surface appearance of the candies and gums and retain the surface flavor of confectioneries, leading manufacturers in the confectionery industry are concentrating on utilizing sour sanding sugar. Major manufacturers are also utilizing sour sanding sugar products such as Galacid™ Powder 60 on a range of confectioneries to incorporate and maintain the mild softness in their surface.

Consumption of the sour sanding sugar has further intensified in the production of confectionery products as a flavor enhancer. Leading confectionery manufacturers such as Nestle, Lindt & Sprugli, and Haribo are utilizing sour sanding sugar to extend the shelf-life of the confectioneries. Peppering the soft sanding sugar on a range of soft confectioneries offers slow moisture migration properties and retains the quality, as well as the flavor of the candies for a prolonged time period.

Increased Confectionery Consumption in Switzerland to Unleash Growth Prospects

As consumption of the confectionery products is mainly impulse-driven, leading brands across countries are focusing on retaining customer loyalty for their brands and flavors through enticing their curiosity in new flavors. Of various regions, demand for confectioneries has continued to remain high in Europe. With the increasing preference to spend on indulgence products, individuals in various countries of Europe including Norway, Switzerland, Germany, and Ireland are spending on various confectioneries.

According to a recent research conducted, consumption of confectioneries has been witnessed to remain high in Switzerland. Citizens in Switzerland consume nearly 19.8 pounds of confectioneries per capita. This country leads the world in terms of chocolate consumption. In addition, major confectionery companies such as Nestle and Lindt are based in Switzerland, due to which the consumption of confectioneries has remained high as compared to the other countries.  Besides Switzerland, consumption of confectioneries is also expected to remain high in Germany. The country accounts for one-fourth of the western European market for confectioneries.

Strategic Partnerships among Leading Participants to Create Lucrative Growth Opportunities

With the changing tastes and preferences of the customers and individuals, leading confectionery manufacturers are diverting their focus towards producing confectioneries with innovative and novel flavors. For instance, Nestle SA has recently entered into partnership with Barry Callebaut AG, which is a leading supplier of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products. Through this partnership, the companies have developed a new range of chocolates – Ruby, which offers sour and sweet flavors to the consumers.

In addition, leading snacks company, Mondelez International has recently partnered with J&J Snack Foods Corp. to offer a range of sour flavored Ice Pops. The companies will concentrate on developing Ice Pops with a sweet frozen base along with a sour swirl in various flavors including red berry, blue raspberry, orange, lemon, and lime. Through developing innovative and novel flavored candies, major confectionery companies are focusing on sustaining their lead and strengthening their position in the competitive market.

Key manufacturing participants identified in the global sour sugar market include Lindt & Sprugli, DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd., Haribo, ZPC Otmuchow SA, Nestle, and Grupo Arcor.

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