Water Service Module for Steam Boilers Market Showcases Promising Growth during Forecast 2018-2027

Published: Thu Jun 27 2019

This analytical research report of FactMR delivers valuable intelligence on the global Water Service Module for Steam Boilers Market by providing an all-inclusive forecast on the market growth between the period 2018 and 2027. Addressing key concerns of steam boiler manufacturers, and reflecting impact of latest chemical industry trends on demand for water service modules, the report imparts precise analysis & forecast on the market.

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A component of steam boilers is the water service module. They are basically used to treat and store the water discharged from the boiler. The global water service module for steam boilers market is set to soar because of the tremendous focus on the quality of steam produced by industrial and utility boilers. The steam quality is extremely crucial for performance and longevity of machinery.

A range of products with a range of functionalities exist in the global water service module for steam boilers market. Companies tout various USPs to sell their products. Many key players are coming up with water service modules meant especially for storage, effective treatment, cooling, and expansion of water before its exit from the boiler.

Bosch, a multinational giant, for example has water service module for steam boilers that supply degassed and chemically conditioned feed water to steam boilers and gets rid of the waste and desalting water. Such innovative products are seeing maximum uptake in North America and Europe where large manufacturing units and power plants are always on the lookout for effective products. Presence of many key manufacturers in the regions are also boosting sales and revenue in the water service module for steam boilers in the region.

The report also acts as a credible business document for companies partaking in the water service module for steam boilers market worldwide. Key market stakeholders identified by the report include Spirax Sarco, Byworth Boilers, Thermodyne Engineering Systems, and VELDE Boilers.

Modular boiler systems that comprise a sequence of separate units have been popular for decades, and are further expected to witness steady adoption in the future. As boilers become technologically advanced and more energy efficient, the requirement for developments in various modules such as water service modules has become imperative to maintain compatibility and coordination.

Water quality has remained crucial in the maintenance of a boiler’s lifespan and efficiency, on account of which manufacturers have been incorporating water treatment & blowdown solutions significantly, thereby creating opportunities for the global water service modules for steam boilers market.

Utility and industrial boiler systems are under high scrutiny for steam quality, as it plays a radical role in boiler efficiency, performance, production reliability, and longevity of machinery. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), steam system improvements can potentially save over 10% fuel costs at typical industrial facilities. Although steam quality standards vary in terms of application, challenges pertaining to maintaining optimum water quality cuts across industries.

Therefore, latent opportunities exist in the development of water service modules for steam boilers, which plays a vital role in maintaining water quality. Utilization of reverse osmosis (RO) or nano-filtration (NF) water service modules is becoming a commercially feasible option among manufacturers for treating boiler feed water at power plants as well as industrial settings.

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Prominent boiler manufacturing companies such as CFB Boilers Ltd. are providing water service modules specifically designed for effective treatment, storage, expansion, and cooling of water prior to its entrance as well as discharge from boiler. Companies are developing one-stop solution for water service modules that supply thermally and chemically treated feed water, and accept boiler discharges & returning condensate, cooled and de-energized before entering foul water drain.

Computer aided controls in these easy-to-operate water service modules help in regulating the feed temperature, water level, and discharge temperature for ensuring precision results, and efficient, fast response to abrupt load changes. Convenience of application and excellent functionality being the top priority, companies are integrating connection units that are ready for immediate use, equipped with all essential components.

Rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with incorporation of new production lines, have significantly driven the process heat demand. Complex programs, such as Bionorica’s "Phytoneering", involves global scientific research conducted with high financial outlay. Development of various medicinal plants, accredited clinical studies apropos safety & efficacy of drugs, and patented production methods are key considerations engulfed in the program.

Production of herbal medicines involves numerous processes that require process heat – this is creating demand for unsaturated and dry-saturated steam. Considering the broader focus on environmental conservation that is also sweeping the pharmaceutical industry, Farmbauer – an engineering consultancy has suggested an entirely new steam supply to leverage floor spaces of plants. The consultancy is of the opinion that shifting the position of water service modules and downstream flue gas to second level can boost efficiency.

Advanced water service modules with minimum connection requirements and high deaeration efficiency are therefore in high demand to cater these design modifications in steam boilers, utilized specifically in pharmaceutical applications. Water service modules for steam boilers will seek extensive utilization for heating make-up water, in a bid to remove corrosive, harmful components such as oxygen and carbon dioxide.

This analytical research study imparts an all-inclusive assessment on the market, while propounding historical intelligence, actionable insights, and industry-validated & statistically-upheld market forecast. Verified and suitable set of assumptions and methodology has been leveraged for developing this comprehensive study. Information and analysis on key market segments incorporated in the report has been delivered in weighted chapters.

Compilation of authentic and first-hand intelligence, insights offered in the report are based on quantitative and qualitative assessment by leading industry experts, and inputs from opinion leaders & industry participants around the value chain. Growth determinants, macroeconomic indicators, and parent market trends have been scrutinized and delivered, coupled with the market attractiveness for each market segment encompassed. Qualitative impact of growth influencers on the market segments across regions has also been mapped by the report.

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