Fuel Oxygenates Market Growth during the Forecast Period, 2018-2028

Published: Wed Jul 03 2019

Fuel oxygenates are long chain compounds which are rich in oxygen and can supply or release oxygen for combustion, or burning of fuel. Fuel oxygenates are molecules rich in oxygen like Alcohol and Ether groups which are rich in oxygen and hence can help in easy combustion. Fuel Oxygenates facilitates instantaneous release oxygen thereby aiding in rapid fuel combustion. Fuel oxygenates are used extensively in automotive industries especially sports car engines who need rapid fuel combustion rate as compared to other prototypes. Fuel Oxygenates exist in various compositions. Ether fuel oxygenates like MTBE, TAME, ETBE and TAEE are used as bio-fuels. MTBE is almost extensively used as fuel additive in motor gasoline, because it raises the oxygen content of gasoline and helps the complete combustion of gasoline.

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Alcohol fuel oxygenates are widely used as an intermediate in the production of gasoline, methanol and ethanol types of fuels. Fuel oxygenates dominate the gasoline market as most of the vehicles use fuel oxygenate blends in gasoline as fuel on a daily basis. MTBE and other fuel oxygenates are very hazardous and harmful to the humans, in many regions due to extraction of certain fuel oxygenates resulted in widespread contamination of the underground water supplies.

Fuel Oxygenates Market: Dynamics

The Fuel Oxygenates market is said to be highly concentrated in nature with sound presence of market players operating in the different capacities of production and sales. Introduction of new fuel grade products backed by able marketing activities has been the key measures followed by the market participants.

Increased roadways transportation involving considerable use of gasoline based vehicle fleet in turn is expected to propel the Fuel oxygenates market. The increase in hybrid cars will additionally flame the growth of fuel oxygenates market, as biofuel is the absolute need of hybrid cars. According to fuels Europe / EMISIA hybrid cars accounted for 2.1% of fresh cars in the market, hybrid cars have fuel oxygenates as fuel. European Commission’s impact assessment on CO2 standards for cars claims the demand of petrol cars will decrease in the coming years, which fill increase the number of hybrid cars and that will propel the ether fuel oxygenates market. Various technological advancement have been done in the field of biofuels, new and better fuel oxygenates have been introduced like Bio-MTBE, which is made from waste or residue, this is more eco-friendly and government and many organizations may look towards certain developments and make amends, this will help the fuel oxygenates market to increase. The disadvantage of ether fuel oxygenates is that they are required in larger quantities to increase the octane number of gasoline whereas small amount is needed for metal based additive.

Apart from transportation, fuel oxygenates also find their application industrial level as fuel. Fuel oxygenates products are used as kerosene, jet fuels, diesel and fuel oil which are used vigorously on industrial level, this will favor the growth of the fuel oxygenates market.  Industrial generators, forklifts and other equipment use gasoline and gasoline products which is further expected to augment the growth of fuel oxygenates market.

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Hence, gasoline production, automotive industry, industrial uses with supportive enforcement policies will drive the fuel oxygenates market for a longer run.

Fuel Oxygenates Market: Regional Outlook

The Asia-Pacific market is estimated to a region of high growth having a significant share of the global fuel oxygenates market owing to burgeoning demand from transportation and manufacturing sectors. The intense requirement of gasoline products along with improved fuel grades in regions like China and India will see an increase in the fuel oxygenates market.

In regions like the U.S. and Europe, the automotive industry is shifting gradually towards hybrid cars, which also require fuel oxygenates as fuel. The gasoline industry in Europe and North America are encouraged to use biofuels of fuel oxygenates, as they are more ecofriendly and clean. Multiple respected organizations have also applauded this approach of ether fuel oxygenates as fuel substitutes, this will increase and drive the fuel oxygenates market in the U.S. and Europe. The other geographical regions will experience growth levels between moderate-to-sound rates in the upcoming periods with Japan being an exception. 

Fuel Oxygenates Market: Key participants

Examples of some of the market participants operating in the global Fuel Oxygenates market are:

Reliance Industries, SABIC, Saudi Basic Industries, Sinopec, Shell, LyondellBasell Ind. Holding B.V., Evonik Industries AG.

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