Epigenetic Market Investigation Reveals Enhanced Growth during the forecast Period, 2018-2027

Published: Thu Jul 11 2019

The field of epigenetics is expanding at a rapid pace, paving way for a better understanding that the environment as well as individual lifestyle can interact directly with the genome to affect the epigenetics-related change. Several human epidemiological studies have shown that prenatal and early postnatal environmental factors affect the adult risk of developing numerous chronic conditions and behavioral disorders.

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Epigenetics market has been growing since the mid-1970s, and the epigenetics studies picked up significant pace from the early 2000s. Interest in Epigenetic Market and field has been triggered by accumulating evidence that these mechanisms underpin a wide range of illnesses and health conditions. Conditions, such as cancers, degenerative disorders, and metabolic disorders, all have been found to be associated with epigenetics errors.

Epigenetics has already gained marked prominence in the clinic, and several drugs have already received the FDA approval to reverse abnormal epigenetics modifications that can lead to cancer, with many more in the pipeline.

Scientists are continuously exploring the association between the genome & chemical compounds that modify it to uncover the role of epigenetics in different human disorders and fatal conditions. The ongoing research in this direction is likely to bring positive changes in the epigenetics market. However, lack of adequate government funding and high expenses associated with the procedures are impeding the epigenetics market growth.

The global epigenetics drugs and diagnostic technologies market has witnessed huge traction in the past few years with the emergence of novel drugs and more efficient, next-generation diagnostic technologies. The widespread global research aimed at examining the role of epigenetics in several diseases in humans is the chief factor fueling the Global Epigenetic Market.

The term epigenetics refers to the transmissible changes in the expression of genes that does not involve changes to the underlying sequence of DNA molecules. In biological terms, this is a change in phenotype without a change in genotype. This affects how the genes are read by cells. Epigenetic modifications are a regular and natural phenomenon but can also be influenced by a number of factors such as age, lifestyle, environment, and disease state.

Epigenetic changes to cells are the early events in the development of cancers and are also reversible. Owing to this factor, the field of epigenetics has witnessed increased focus from the healthcare sector in the past few years and research activities surrounding the development of epigenetic diagnostics methods and drugs have significantly increased.

The global epigenetics drugs and diagnostics technologies market is chiefly driven by factors such as rising population of geriatrics and the rising incidences of a variety of cancers across the globe. The market is likely to exhibit a promising growth trajectory over the next few years as well.

A branch of genetics that includes a detailed study and investigation of cellular and physiological traits alterations affected by external and ecological features is known as epigenetics. This branch of genetics hobbles the genes on and off and makes an impact on the way the cells typically read the genes to be influenced by alteration in the classification of DNA. Because of epigenetics, the difference in appearance of muscle or brain and skin cells can be witnessed. The variations in epigenetics are dominated by various factors such as lifestyle, age, surrounding environment and age.

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To understand diseases and their development, epigenetics is the best tool and its usage has been increasing day by day. New and innovative techniques of epigenetics facilitate researchers with direct analysis of the patterns of epigenetic changes and associate them with the existence of phenotype. It permits evaluation of epigenetic changes amongst diseased and normal samples. This can help in assessing public health as changes in epigenetics are influenced by the system of internal biology and environment.

Increasing number of retail clinics, development of entire genome technology and companion diagnostics are some of the factors contributing to fuelling the growth of the global epigenetics market. Due to this, increased demand for diagnostics can be witnessed. For the better treatment of patients, personalized medicines are necessary that will help in understanding the effectiveness of medicines as each biological system has altered genomes and it reacts differently with every medicine.

Increased research and development activities help in expanding facilities in various fields such as pharmaceutical and clinical research. Moreover, almost all the primary users of genetics need various genetic equipment to diagnose alteration in epigenetics and to offer drugs against it. Consequently, the growth in these areas is expected to increase the demand for epigenetics during the projected period. Apart from this, increasing cases of cancer and growing mergers and acquisitions between academic, pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology companies is likely to create a positive impact on the epigenetics market.

Epigenetics Market- Restraints

Lack of funds from the government and high cost of the procedures are likely to hamper the growth of the epigenetic market. Users do not prefer to invest in such expensive products, especially research groups with limited budgets and funding.

Epigenetics Market: Regional Analysis

Due to various factors such as growing cancer prevalence, regular grants for research and development, rising associations between large pharmaceutical industries to manufacture improved therapeutics and growing industry associations, and higher alertness levels among patients, North America is expected to lead the global epigenetics market in the years to come. During the assessment period, the epigenetics market is projected to witness rapid growth in the Asia Pacific region. Market revenue growth in this region can be attributed to the large unmet requirements of medicines coupled with the rising prevalence of various diseases.

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