Sodium Percarbonate Market: East Asia Remains Leading Region

Published: Wed Jul 17 2019

Propylene Carbonate is a transparent organic chemical compound made by reacting propylene with carbon dioxide. Propylene Carbonate is a propylene glycol derived from carbonate ester, known as a VOC-exempt solvent aprotic and polar solvent. Along with high boiling and flash points and a mild ether-like odor, propylene carbonate is also non-corrosive. Being listed in the EPA Safer Chemicals Ingredients List in the Solvents category, propylene carbonate is used in a number of end uses including paints & coatings, adhesives & sealants, pharmaceuticals, Li-ion batteries, personal care and cleaners amongst others. Though not all companies offer the pharmaceutical grade propylene carbonate, majority of the market offers the battery and industrial grades of propylene carbonate for use in the above mentioned application areas.

Sodium Percarbonate Market in Numbers

  • The sodium percarbonate market has been envisaged to surpass revenues worth US$ 600 Mn in 2019, in line with its growing adoption as a high performance oxygen bleaching agent for industrial as well as household applications.

  • The sodium percarbonate market is likely to register a CAGR of ~3% through 2029 on account of growing demand for eco-friendly bleach products.

  • East Asia, spearheaded by China, is anticipated to remain the leading market for sodium percarbonate. With the highest sodium percarbonate production capacity, China’s market size is slated to be worth US$ 104 Mn in 2019.

  • The South Asia & Oceania cluster is expected to be the high growth market for sodium percarbonate manufacturers, primary driven by the rising demand from the household cleaning industry.

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According to the study, significant adoption of sodium percarbonate for laundry and cleaning applications, which collectively contributed to nearly 90% sales in 2018, continue to uplift the market growth significantly. Moreover, the growing use of sodium percarbonate as a formulating ingredient in deck, carpet, household, and laundry cleaning products has been creating notable growth avenues for stakeholders. Additionally, ultra-concentrated bleaches, which typically contain 80-100% oxygen bleaching agent, such as sodium percarbonate, are witnessing wide adoption as effective cleaning and bleaching agents. Increasing demand for better cleaning solutions with high oxygen content is likely to underpin the sales of sodium percarbonate based ultra-concentrated products through 2029.

Key Factors Determining Growth of the Sodium Percarbonate Market 

  • Growing traction for green products favoring sales: Surging demand for eco-friendly bleach products, such as household and industrial laundry detergents are driving the demand for sodium percarbonate as an additive. Broadening bandwidth of sodium percarbonate application for removing stubborn stains, in laundry, and to disinfect diapers are creating wide range of growth opportunities for stakeholders.

  • The proliferating textile industry is considerably driving the demand for bleaching agents such as sodium percarbonate that are widely used for the pretreatment of textiles to obtain white clean fabric.

  • In view of numerous restrictions pertaining to water treatment options for organic aquaculture that permit use of easily degradable disinfectants only, sodium percarbonate has forayed this application as a potentially viable option. Potential use of sodium percarbonate as the permissible water disinfectant that can be used in conventional as well as organic aquaculture production systems holds significant growth potential.

Potential Applicability of Sodium Percarbonate as Bleaching Agent in Pulp & Paper Industry

Growing need of viable oxidative repulping aids for wet-strengthened paper grades is contributing significantly to the adoption of sodium percarbonate as an eco-friendly and effective repulping aid that comply with existing regulations. Due to the hazardous nature of traditional hypochlorite and its contribution to adsorbable organic halides (AOX), the industry is witnessing an increased development and adoption of alternatives.

Kemira, which has been among the leading players in sodium percarbonate market, is pioneering the development of eco-friendly substitutes for hypochlorite, which are not associated with the release of any harmful residuals. The company’s products in this category are claimed to accelerate dissolution process and facilitate alleviation of the repulping time. Kemira recently announced the closure of its only sodium percarbonate production line, based in Sweden. The company had already debottlenecked one of the key bleaching chemical plants (based in Finland), and is now directing more of its hydrogen peroxide capacity to its customers in the pulp segment.

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