Laminated Aluminium Foil Market Swelling Demand to Influence Revenue Share during 2018-2026

Published: Thu Jul 18 2019

Laminated aluminium foil consists of combining a web or a sheet of aluminium foil with one or more materials such as paper and plastic films. Laminated foils are often made on web-fed rotary equipment, which includes a coating unit for the colouring and pre-coating of the aluminium foil. Growth in the packaged food market is expected to drive the Laminated Aluminium Foil Market. In the packaged food segments, especially dairy and ready-to-eat meals, laminated aluminium foil acts as a barrier and is essential for the protection of the food from sunlight, moisture and other gases to improve the product life.

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Laminated aluminium foil is a thin layer of aluminium sheet that is used as a barrier. Laminated aluminium foil is widely used across the globe for various applications, which include consumer as well as industrial. For instance, laminated aluminium foil is used in flexible packaging, ID tags and point-of-purchase display.

Aluminium laminated foil is water and chemically repellent. It helps protect products from sunlight, humidity and the external environment. Laminated aluminium foil provides an excellent barrier and extends the shelf life of products. Laminated aluminium foil is also used in insulation, electromagnetic shielding, electrical and electronics. The household usage of laminated aluminium foil includes food wrapping, cooking, decoration, etc. Due to its exceptional abilities of heat sealing, which includes the sealing of moisture and forming flexibility, laminated aluminium foil is widely used in the soft packs for packaging accumulator batteries such as lithium ion and capacitors. The methods of manufacturing laminated aluminium foil include wet-bonding, dry pressure or thermoplastic bonding, extrusion bonding and hot-melt bonding. Laminated aluminium foil can be manufactured using a variety of adhesives depending upon the specific application, for instance, water soluble or non-water soluble. Laminated aluminium foils are used for the extrusion lamination of aluminium foil with paper, board and various plastic films. The high barrier properties of laminated aluminium foil are expected to boost the laminated aluminium market during the forecast period.

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The laminated aluminium foil market has also witnessed significant growth in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Laminated aluminium foil finds applications in the pharmaceutical industry for the packaging of medicines & other healthcare devices and protecting the product from external environment & spillage. Opportunities for laminated aluminium foil are increasing in the application segments through improved research and development. Due to its light weight and high barrier properties, the laminated aluminium foil market is expected to witness rapid growth in the food packaging sector.

However, despite the positive outlook, laminated aluminium foil manufacturers face problems due to its low strength. It is possible to improve its strength and other mechanical properties of laminated aluminium foil by using stainless steel foil as the base material of laminates.

Global Laminated Aluminium Foil Market: Regional Outlook

The flexible packaging market of North America is estimated to be a major consumer of laminated aluminium foil. It is expected to be followed by Europe. Asia pacific is expected to be the second-largest laminated aluminium foil market. The laminated aluminium foil market of North America is expected to grow at a steady pace due to the growing food packaging practices in the region. In the Middle East and Africa region, factors such as growing economies and changing lifestyle preferences are estimated to significantly boost the global laminated aluminium foil market. 

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