Brewer’s Yeast Market Exhibits Higher Growth Prospects during 2018-2028

Published: Mon Jul 29 2019

The demand for feed supplements is accelerating at a fast pace owing to the growing awareness about proper animal nutrition & feed supplements. Growing use of organic ingredients and adhesives in animal feed continue to aid growth in the Brewer’s Yeast Market. Furthermore, umpteen health benefits of using brewer's yeast, including enhanced animal well-being, improved production abilities, and better intestinal flora are driving its adoption in animal feed formulations.

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Feed supplements incorporated with brewer’s yeast result in improved productivity in terms of increased milk, higher meat production, and better reproductive efficiency in ruminant animal species. Furthermore, a growing feed supplement sector is also creating lucrative growth opportunities for brewer’s yeast manufacturers.

The demand for brewer’s yeast is accelerating at a rapid pace on the back of its extensive applications in diverse industries, such as dietary supplements, beverages, animal feeds, and pharmaceutical. However, the mild side effects associated with brewer’s yeast, such as bloating and gas, are slightly stymieing the growth of stakeholders.

Several companies operating in the brewer’s yeast market are incorporating advanced methods to manufacture yeast strains efficiently. The ongoing research and development activities by several companies to provide efficient products to consumers are anticipated to fuel growth of the brewer’s yeast market in the forthcoming years.

Market outlook

Increasing consumer preference for alcoholic drinks has fuelled the demand for brewer’s yeast. Brewer's yeast is prepared from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a unicellular fungus. The brewer’s yeast is mainly used to prepare alcoholic beverages, especially beer and wines. The brewer's yeast helps in the fermentation of beverages by reacting with the glucose to provide the required alcohol. Along with beverage, brewer's yeast is also used in dietary supplements due to the presence of nutrients, such as chromium, protein, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, etc. Along with the essential probiotics, brewer’s yeast also contains vitamin B-complex (B1-B7), which is essential for cellular metabolism and energy production within the human body. Due to the presence of a higher concentration of probiotics, the brewer's yeast is used for treating respiratory infections, common cold, diarrhea, high cholesterol rates and premenstrual syndrome as it supplements the adequate amount of proteins and other micronutrients. Brewer's yeast is taken orally as a medicine for controlling blood glucose level in diabetic patients as it contains chromium - chromium promotes insulin, which controls the glucose level in blood. Due to these beneficial factors, it is anticipated that the growth of the brewer’s yeast market will remain positive during the forecast period.

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The brewer's yeast is not only used in beverage processing industries and in dietary supplements, but is also used as a vital ingredient in animal feeds. Due to the presence of high anti-oxidant nutrients and vitamin B-complex, the brewer's yeast is used to enhance the healthy functioning of liver, skin, eyes of the dogs and horses. The higher concentration of vitamin B reduces anxiety in dogs and it is thus fed as an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drug to dogs.  The inclusion of brewer's yeast is most common in all breweries which is contributing to its demand all over the world. The expansion of social outlets is one of the major drivers fuelling the demand for brewer’s yeast in recent years. The popularity of alcoholic drinks among adolescents and millennial also contributes to the demand for the brewer's yeast. Owing to all these factors, the global brewer’s yeast market is expected to proliferate in terms of value and volume during the forecast period.

Brewer’s yeast Market: Key Players

Some of the key players in the global brewer’s yeast market are Inland Island Yeast Laboratories, Lesaffre, Associated British Foods plc, Lallemand Inc., Angel Yeast Co. Ltd, AB Mauri Ltd, Laffort SA, Alltech Inc., Oriental Yeast Co. Ltd, Omega Yeast Labs, etc. More wine manufacturers are showing keen interest in the brewer’s yeast and the demand is amplifying year by year.

Opportunities for market participants:

As alcoholic beverages have been witnessing escalating demand among consumers, it is expected that there will be stronger revenue generation for the market participants of global brewer’s yeast. In addition, brewer’s yeast is also being used as a dietary supplement and in medications. Growing social outlets will also drive the demand for brewer's yeast across the world. Due to these factors, it is anticipated that there will be higher returns for industrialists and manufacturers of brewer’s yeast.

Global Brewer’s yeast: A Regional outlook

Brewer’s yeast is highly produced and consumed in Europe. Increased number of beverage processing industries also account for its high production. In North America, brewer’s yeast is consumed in higher frequencies due to the growing culture of bars and night outlets. It is also frequently consumed as a regular dietary supplement due to growing health consciousness in North America. In the regions of Latin America, the brewer’s yeast is consumed for its well-known health benefits, such as for improving respiratory functions. Brewer’s yeast is consumed in the form of cocktails, whiskey and other alcoholic drinks in the Asia Pacific. In Middle East and Africa, brewer’s yeast is primarily used for medication purposes. Thus, it is expected that the Brewer’s yeast market will witness positive growth in the global market.

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