Surging Popularity of Aegle Marmelos Market across Regional Markets Pushing Revenue Growth during Fo

Published: Wed Jul 31 2019

With the increasing awareness among the customers towards natural products and growing use of natural medicines, the Aegle Marmelos Market has experienced a healthy growth. Aegle marmelos, also known as Bael, is a tree native used for manufacturing ayurvedic medicines, preparing delicacies etc. Aegle marmelos is increasingly used to prepare delicacies, such as murabba, puddings and juice. The growing demand for aegle marmelos is majorly due to the increasing demand for traditional ayurvedic medicines. The global market for aegle marmelos consists of small and large manufacturers and is majorly driven by local or regional manufacturers. Due to the easy availability of aegle marmelos in regions like India, the market share for aegle marmelos market will be the highest in the APEJ region.

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With the growing pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry, aegle marmelos will experience high growth during the forecast period. Due to the high nutritious value of aegle marmelos and efficient use of aegle marmelos for curing diseases has been a key growth factor for the market.

Global Aegle marmelos Market: Dynamics

A primary factor driving the Aegle marmelos market is the rapidly increasing demand for natural and ayurvedic medicines in the developing regions. Since Aegle marmelos is used for curing various diabetic and digestive problems, it has been a preferred choice amongst the customers. Aegle marmelos being a home remedy for curing diseases, such as piles, diarrhoea, etc has been a key driver for the growth of the market. Attributing to its cost-effectiveness, the aegle marmelos has witnessed high growth in the market. The fact that different parts of aegle marmelos tree can be used for various purposes is also driving the growth of the market.

The increasing awareness of the people about the advantages of the plant will create ample opportunities for the expansion of the market during the forecast period. Aegle marmelos reduces the phlegm during asthma. Due to the increasing asthmatic patients across the globe, agles marmelos market will experience high growth in different regions. This has garnered a lot of attention among end-users and has led to the rapid growth of the aegle marmelos market. Owing to the environment-friendly nature of Aegle Marmelos, it will showcase growth during the forecast period. Due to the highly fragmented nature of the market, there are several small and large manufacturers ruling in different regions.

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An essential restraint for the aegle marmelos market includes no organized orcharding of this fruit. Further, due to its hard nature, aegle marmelos canít be eaten directly, hence it cannot be used as a desert fruit.

Global Aegle marmelos Market: Regional Overview

APEJ will show the highest market share for the aegle marmelos market due to its highest cultivation in the Indian Peninsula and Sri Lanka. Being the indigenous fruit of India, market share of Aegle marmelos will be the highest in India. North America and Europe will experience high growth due to the increasing trade of aegle marmelos in the region. Rapidly increasing cancer patients in Latin America and MEA will provide healthy growth of aegle marmelos in the region. Therefore, North America & Europe are expected to account for a moderate market size while the Asia Pacific is pegged to experience highest market share with higher growth of the aegle marmelos market. High risk of diarrhea in travelling areas, such as MEA and APEJ will provide growth opportunities for aegle marmelos market.

Global Aegle marmelos Market: Key Players

Some of the key players in the Aegle marmelos market are, Precious Herbal, La-medicca, Nature and nurture healthcare Pvt. Ltd, S.A. Herbal Bioactives LLP

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