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Published: Wed Jul 31 2019

As the name suggests, block former simultaneously compress and cuts the cheese into blocks by feeding curd from the top. In a Block Former Market, the curd is compacted in a series of vacuum and pressure cycles and by gradually removing air and whey. The fused curd is cut into blocks of uniform size and weight as per the requirement and gently ejected into plastic bags over a conveyer. Meanwhile to maintain the continuous production the new curd is also added from the top of the tower. The cheese block former allows to form cheese blocks of different shapes and sizes depending on the need. The U.S. cheese manufacturers produce cheese in a variety of shapes and packaging styles such as barrel, block, daisy, flat, loaf etc. depending on the requirement.

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The growing food industry and rising cheese demand is one the prime reasons fueling the demand for block former. The global market for block former has a global reach with many regional and global players operating in the market. The availability of the technologically advanced block former with uniform moisture and weight consistency along with higher flow rate is increasing in the market. The market for block former is anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR over the forecast period.

Block Former Market – Market Dynamics

Manufacturing and food production industry is changing. Production processes are getting faster due to rising demand, which, in turn, is creating the demand for block former with higher flow rate. Storing cheese in the form of blocks allows better refrigeration in the available space and it also reduces the moisture migration and in addition it helps to achieve the cheese standards, which is, in turn, anticipated to raise the demand for the block former over the forecast period. Recent developments in the technology associated with block former have presented new avenues for the growth of their market. Manufacturers, in a bid to grab larger market share in the food machine industry, are developing advanced models of block former by incorporating new technologies. Increasing demand for cheese have fuelled the demand for block former as packaging is one of the significant aspects of the food industry. As a consequence, this is anticipated to augur well for the growth of the global block former market.

Block Former Market – Regional Analysis

The regional demand for block former varies across the world. North America is the largest producer of cheese. Wisconsin and California are two significant states in the U.S. which produces and sells cheese. Therefore, the demand for block former expected to whiteness significant growth in North America region over the forecast period.

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Europe is considered the top cheese consumer in the world. Significant countries like Denmark, Finland, Iceland and others are top in consuming cheese. Per capita consumption of cheese in Denmark is ~28Kilograms, and in Finland and Iceland per capita consumption of cheese is ~27Kilograms. As these countries are the largest consumers, it also requires tools for forming cheese blocks; therefore, the block former market is anticipated to grow with a significant CAGR in the forecast period. In APEJ, China and India are also the vital regions as there are low investment cost and high output performance. These two regions may drive the block former market.

Block Former Market – Key Segments

Block former market can be segmented on the basis of maximum capacities of block former machine, which includes less than 1000kg/h 1000 to 1500 kg/h and above 1500kg/h. On the basis of number of blocks, the block former market can be further segment as less than 5/ min, 5 to 15/ min above 15/min. Less than 1000kg/h block former remained the preferred choice of buyers and the block former market is expected to grow at a higher rate over the forecast period. However, the block former comes with various customization option along with different block forming tower options depending on the various customer needs.

Block Former Market – Key Manufacturers

Vemag GmbH, Delkor System, Inc, Automation Works, Wincanton, Reiser are some of the prominent players in the block former market. Block former market is a bit fragmented and is ruled by various small and medium enterprises. Various block former manufacturers are focusing on the technological enhancements in order to increase their customer base in both emerging as well as mature markets.

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