Chemical Silage Additives Market Assessment and Key Insights Analyzed till 2027

Published: Wed Jul 31 2019

Chemical silage additives are widely being used to control the preservation process in order to retain nutrient present in the original fresh forage, for a longer period of time. Majority of bacteria present in crops are detrimental to silage preservation, leaving little sugar and breaking down considerable protein into non-protein nitrogen which lower the nutrient content as well as palatability and dry matter intake. This has led to increase in the demand for chemical silage additives that promote rapid fermentation and prevent breakdown of sugar and protein. Growing production of livestock is increasing the demand for quality animal feed which in turn influences the development of Chemical Silage Additives Market.


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Chemical silage additives are of myriad benefits to livestock industry; they control natural fermentation by selectively suppressing dangerous pathogens and other organisms harmful to fermentation. Increasing demand for meat across the globe is the key factor boosting the growth of chemical silage additives market. Asia Pacific is expected to be one of the lucrative regions for chemical silage additives market, owing to rise in population and changes in lifestyle along with rapid urbanization. Continued focus of manufactures towards enhancing the products to increase their usage is expected to open new avenues of growth of chemical silage additives market.

BASFT SE, Volac International, Evonik Industries and Other Leading Players Focusing on Treated Silage Production

The leading market participants identified in the global market include BASF SE, ADDCON GROUP GmbH, ADM, BrettBrothers, and Volac International Limited, Selko Feed additives, Evonik Industries AG, Novoenzyme, and Nutreco N.V. are focusing on increasing the production of treated silage in a bid to cater to the evolving end-user demand.

In order to boost the production of the livestock, farmers across regions are focusing on investing in effective and treated silage. Consumption of the treated silage offer nutritional benefits and improves the performance of the cattle in the agricultural industry. Modern farmers are shifting their focus towards chemical silage additives as it has an aerobic stability. In addition, use of these additives reduces the risks related to nutritional loss during the preservation process such as ensiling as well as lowers the risks related to poor fermentation quality. Major companies are focusing on adopting cutting-edge technological solutions to develop innovative solutions to offer improved preservation and fermentation process.

As the demand for quality animal feed continues to persist in the livestock industry, manufacturers are focusing on adopting silage additives. Leading manufacturers in the livestock feed industry are focusing on adopting silage additives to offer improved and long-term preservation solutions for the silage crops. To remain in the forefront of the competitive market, leading companies are focusing on shifting their focus towards developing biological silage additives for effective organic farming techniques.

Ecosyl’s Volac Range of Additives Aimed at Effective Organic Farming Techniques

A leading chemical manufacturing company, Ecosyl has developed Volac range of silage additives that are effective in maintaining the nutritional quality of the silage produced from maize, clamp and big bale. Use of these silage additives enables the leading manufacturers to produce premium quality silage with long-term preservation benefits. In addition, farmers are increasingly utilizing these chemical silage additives, which has led to increased consumption among animals and improved livestock performance.

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Another leading chemical company, ADDCON Group GmbH has developed a chemical silage additive – KOFASIL. This silage additive has been developed for the farmers to offer enhanced preservation and fermentation quality of the silage produced of whole cereal plants, grass, and leguminous plants. In addition, KOFASIL LIQUID products developed by this company selectively suppresses clostridia and other organisms harmful for the formation process through controlling the natural fermentation process.

Key M&As: Kemin Industries’ Acquisition of Agri-Marketing Corp. and Evonik Industries’ Acquisition of METEX

Growth of the global chemical silage additives market is expected to remain more defined attributed to various marketing strategies adopted by the leading companies. For instance, a major nutritional ingredient company, Kemin Industries has established that chromium propionate is effective and safe through various laboratory and animal studies. In collaboration with its distribution partner, Agri-Marketing Corp., the company has developed KemTRACE Chromium that is used for swine diets, beef, dairy, and poultry. The product is an organic source of chromium that consists important minerals to offer enhanced products for animal nutrition. In addition, this product offers lucrative opportunity to increase the profitability and cater to the consumer protein demand by improving production of healthy livestock.

Also, a leading chemical company based in Germany, Evonik Industries acquired METEX in order to amplify its leadership in the fermentation and chemical production of amino acids. Through this acquisition, the company is focusing on making advancement in animal nutrition. The companies stated that they are concentrating on exploring a research and development collaboration with regards to the biotechnologically produced amino acid. Through strategic acquisitions and collaborations, the major market players in the global market are focusing on attaining a competitive edge.

All in all, crucial information compiled in the research report offers in-depth insights and analysis of the global chemical silage additives market for the investors and stakeholders. On the basis of these insights, readers can make accurate analysis and formulate informed business strategies.

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