Bio-based Coatings Market Set to Acquire Greater Traction Due to Manufacturers’ Contribution, report

Published: Fri Aug 02 2019

Growing environmental and health concerns demand the use of bio-based coatings for several applications. It has been observed that there is a cut down in the use of toxic or hazardous materials by the paints & coatings industry. This move is a result of the growing demands for the bio-based coatings from the end use industries. Also, as there is an increasing awareness among the manufacturers and the end users of bio-based coatings around the sustainable products and solutions, there is a wide scope for bio-based coatings in the near future. Out of the few industries, paints and coatings industry is largely driven by the regional and global regulations and this will widely influence the market dynamics of the bio-based coatings as it is a budding segment of the coatings industry. Presently, the increasing regulatory pressure on reducing the use of mineral oil based coatings, is one of the main drivers of Bio-based Coatings Market Green chemical technology is to play a bigger role in the development of bio-based coatings.

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The bio-based coatings are formulated with "green" chemicals and are subjected to low or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content. The shift of consumer behavior from the traditional coatings to the newer bio-based coatings can be credited to the advanced benefits of low VOC products. These benefits include low toxicity, low groundwater and ozone depletion pollutants, easy maintenance, low environmental impact, reduced odor, low carbon footprint and easy disposal.

Coupled with the awareness, various initiatives and regulations by several environmental agencies have been put into effect to safeguard public interest. Such policies make it mandatory for the producers to manufacture lower toxic products containing low VOC compounds.

Rising awareness around issues like environment and health are pushing the demand for bio-based coatings with minimal or no solvent content but there are several hurdles to be overcome by the bio-based coatings sector, before it can compete with the petrochemical based coatings. For instance, lack of available infrastructure is one such challenge. On the economic front, the cost of renewable materials used is much higher as compared to the petrochemical products. But the shift of the consumer demands to the bio-based coatings and investments in finding cheaper and greener alternatives will prove to be beneficial in the future.

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Currently, in the global coatings market, bio-based coatings account for a very small share. However, the volumes of bio-based coatings being used globally is rising and the demand is set to follow an upward trajectory. A higher share of bio-based coatings is being used in the paints, surface coatings and printing inks sectors. The recent investments in research and development prominently focuses on the use of green chemicals in the formulations of bio-based coatings. Projects such as European ECOBIOFOR (Ecopaint Bio-Based Formulations) aim toward bringing advancements in the production of bio-based coatings.

Region wise, Asia Pacific is a big market accounting for a larger global share of bio-based coatings. Asia Pacific is followed by Europe and North America. Latin America and Middle East and Africa regions are observed to generate almost equal demand and the global scenario is expected to remain the same.

Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa are expected to show double digit growth rates in the bio-based coatings during the forecast period while Europe and North America will have a steady growth. Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas (North and Latin) are under vast corporate investments in the research and development to enable the cost effective production of bio-based coatings. North America and Europe will be at the forefront of bio-based coatings innovation while the mass production is expected to occur in the Asia Pacific region due to lower production costs.

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