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Published: Mon Aug 05 2019

The rising permeation of deproteinized whey as an economic source of dairy solids is boosting the growth of Deproteinized Whey Market. Moreover, the use of deproteinized whey as a viable alternative to sweet whey powder, for low mineral and high lactose content requirement, is likely to rev up the growth potential of deproteinized whey market.

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The deproteinized whey market continues to be driven by the proclivity for clean flavors and strong disfavor for objectionable off-flavors. The utilization of deproteinized whey is found across a multitude of applications, ranging from dairy to nutritional products.

The minimum fat content in deproteinized whey boosts its popularity in the food processing industry, driving the growth of deproteinized whey market. In addition to that, the convenience of using deproteinized whey as a viable alternative of lactose is also likely to spur revenues of deproteinized whey market.

The growing demand from animal feed is also likely to be one of the key revenue levers of the deproteinized whey market. Deproteinized whey is also being highly sought in the manufacture of dry mixes, creating latent business opportunities for aspiring players of deproteinized whey market. Manufacturers in the deproteinized whey market are vying to get certifications from prominent authorities, in a bid to attain long-term customer retention.

The beneficial functional properties offered by deproteinized whey powder is a key driver for the market growth over the forecast period. Deproteinized whey is being increasingly used in the bakery industry due to its versatility and ability to enhance flavor, texture and shelf life of end products. Deproteinized whey powder can also be used in a wide range of bakery and confectionery products. Currently, deproteinized whey production in the dairy industry is dominated by North American and European companies and many major firms have preserved a large variety of starter cultures.

A highly versatile product, Deproteinized whey improves flavor, color, and texture of the dairy solids. Deproteinized whey is free-flowing, soluble and incorporates very easily into food and beverage applications. Deproteinized Whey is produced from fresh sweet whey with controlled processing conditions. A considerable amount of protein is taken put from whey as result of which the finished dry product contains up to 60-85% lactose as a major ingredient. Deproteinized whey is manufactured from the basic sweet dairy by a process of ultra-Filtration. Deproteinized Whey consists of 4% protein, 70-85% lactose, 5% of maximum moisture has a moderate pH value of 6.0, 1% of fat, 9% ash. The expected shelf life of Deproteinized whey is 12 months.

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On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into 70%, 83% and 85% Deproteinized whey powder. 60% and 70% Deproteinized whey powders are preferred for use in the bakery industry and dietary supplements. Deproteinized whey is used in bakery products as the main constituent for the reduction of salt content and also due to its excellent sensory profile. The increasing demand for Deproteinized whey powder ingredient is closely tied to growing demand for the alternative for breast milk. Deproteinized whey is also currently used in many Infant foods by manufacturers. This segment is gaining significant popularity among consumers in the various region due to low mineral and ash content. Moreover being rich in whey proteins and lactose. 80% Deproteinized whey a widely consumed product type, due to which manufacturers developing and launching new and innovative products in this segment. Revenue from the related segment is expected to expand at a favorable CAGR of over the forecast period

Global Deproteinized Whey Concentrates Market: Segmentation

Analyzing the Deproteinized Whey market share on the basis of product on Lactose concentration, application and region. Key regions assessed in this report include North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa.

Global Deproteinized Whey Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global Deproteinized Whey Concentrates market includes Eccofeed, Davis feed , Vitusa, Agropur Ingredients, Graham Chemical, UGA group, PhilChema, Saputo Ingredients, Lynn Diary, Ace International and Hoogwegt among others.

Manufacturers are launching variants of Deproteinized Whey Powder as an Ingredient in order to cater to the evolving needs of customers related to various health concerns and increasing demand for healthy food.

Innovation in Deproteinized Whey market: Companies are focusing on enhancing production capacity and innovating rapidly to offer products that are high in nutrients, offer balanced tastes and remain fresh for longer periods. Manufacturers are also innovating in terms of Deproteinized whey powder packaging.

Increased use of various high-added value dairy products owing. Increasing demand for dairy-deficit regions driving Deproteinized whey powder imports. Increasing demand for healthy alternatives as opposed to infant food formulas with synthetic ingredients as well as demand in the food industry as an additive in an added factor for the growth of Deproteinized whey market. Rising incidence of lactation issues in women causes Deproteinized whey market to grow. Deproteinized whey powder ecosystem, including the new technological developments as well as product offerings in the global Deproteinized whey powder market.

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