Metal Packaging Coatings Market: Emerging Economies Expected to Influence Growth until 2027

Published: Tue Aug 13 2019

In order to dissert the market scenario prevailing across the metal packaging coatings market sector, Fact.MR has evenly presented a comprehensive analysis report on metal packaging coatings market to its extensive online repository. With all vital market facets enclosed into this single assessment, readers can learn about different market drivers, opportunities and trends which are likely to influence the overall market space for the metal packaging coatings market in the coming years. In addition, factors such as market size, Y-o-Y growth and revenue share are investigated so as to make this research highly authentic and reliable.

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Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical, which is a structural component in a variety of plastic packaging materials, such as polycarbonate bottles. However, with awareness about the migration of BPA from food-contact materials in food products and its impact on human health, various governments have imposed regulations to limit the use of BPA in food packaging. For example, the Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/213 was recently published by the European Commission to restrict the use of BPA in plastic food contact materials. Thereby, metal packaging coating market players are capitalizing on the burgeoning demand for metal packaging solutions in several industrial verticals. Manufacturers in the metal packaging coatings market are also focused on limiting the use of epoxy resins, which also contain a significant amount of BPA, to offer safer and high-quality metal packaging coatings in coming future.

On account of the positive prospects of the metal packaging coatings market, leading manufacturers are aiming to discover novel materials and resins to introduce more innovative products to boost profitable sales. Chemical resistance, better sterilization, superior performance, and barrier properties are among the important characteristics of metal packaging coatings that leading manufacturers are aiming to deliver.

In order to introduce more innovative and superior quality of metal packaging coatings, manufacturers are focusing their efforts on enhancing various resin properties, such as solubility, toughness, corrosion protection, flexibility, and compatibility with other materials. With the ever-growing competition in the metal packaging coatings market, leading players are likely to invest heavily in R&D for the development of high-performance resins in order to further boost the quality of metal packaging coatings. Epoxy resins find numerous industrial applications, including metal packaging coatings, and these epoxy resin coatings are commonly used in packaging materials for food and beverage products. However, consumers are becoming aware of the toxicity of epoxy resins when they come in contact with food, as it consists of the harmful chemical – BPA.

Furthermore, as epoxy resins are solvent-based resins, excessive exposure to epoxy resins in metal packaging coatings can pose serious risks to human health. Metal packaging coatings manufactured using epoxy resins fail to protect the packaging material, especially steel, from reverse impacts. Thereby, epoxy resins exhibit relatively lower efficiency if compared to other types of resins used in metal packaging coatings, which may result in a slump in demand for epoxy resins-metal packaging coatings in the upcoming years. The packaging industry is gaining momentum, which is mainly attributed to the increasing growth of the e-commerce sector, and demand for innovative packaging materials to improve sales of packaged goods has been on the rise ever since. Taking into account the positive impact of attractive packaging outlook on the purchasing decisions of consumers, players in the metal packaging coatings market are introducing innovative, decorative coatings for metal packaging solutions.

Metal packaging coatings market players are likely to introduce high-quality, durable, and safer metal decorating coatings and inks to enhance the outer appearance of packaging solutions. With growing awareness about how packaging design influences consumer behavior, demand for decorative inks and coatings for metal packaging is expected to drive a popular trend in the metal packaging coatings market in the foreseeable future.

Positive Growth of the Metal Packaging Industry to Boost Outlook of the Metal Packaging Coatings Market

As environmentalism is taking roots as an ideology among consumers across the world, the packaging industry is adopting metals to reduce their environmental footprint. As metal packaging solutions have a positive image owing to its recyclability and environmental sustainability, its growth is expected to make a positive impact on growth of the metal packaging coatings market in the upcoming years.

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Growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials is giving rise to the magnified growth of the metal packaging industry, generating more opportunities for metal packaging coatings. In addition, metal is stronger and more durable than other packaging materials, it is being considered an ideal packaging material by most players in the packaging industry. Thereby, the metal packaging coatings market is expected to ride on coattails of incremental growth prospects of the metal packaging industry in the foreseeable future.

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