Anti-aging Ingredient Market Regional Growth Trends Focusing on Manufacturers Recorded during 2018-2

Published: Fri Aug 16 2019

The factors driving the global anti-aging ingredients market are increasing the demand for nutrients in the diet and antioxidants. These type of ingredients hydrate the skin and even out the complexion. Antioxidants reduce cellular aging as it contains flavonols, vitamin C and anthocyanins, thus driving the demand for the anti-aging ingredients in the market. Moreover, consumers are getting more aware and conscious about their skin and tend to eat healthy foods, which are rich in carotenoids, essential nutrients and vitamins and all other ingredients and minerals that keep the skin supple. Presence of collagen in anti-aging ingredients is also a driving factor that has been identified for the market. This collagen prevents the formation of wrinkles on the skin. The alternative driving factor of the global Anti-aging Ingredient Market is the rising awareness of usage of natural skin care products that contain fruits- and vegetable-based ingredients instead of artificial ingredients.

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Anti-aging ingredient market is the most sought- after industry due to the sheer number of baby boomers. Over the past few years, the demand for anti-aging ingredients has increased as people are becoming aware of the benefits present in such ingredients, which keeps the skin hydrated. Anti-aging ingredients are designed to reduce or diminish the effects and results of aging. These ingredients are a rich source of carotenoid, isoflavones flavanols, nitrates, leucine, antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin E and many others. These ingredients do not stop the process of aging but can reduce its effects. These ingredients are nutrition laden, and apart from reducing aging signs, they also benefit the body by keeping it fit and active. Anti-aging ingredients need to be consumed for good health and nutrition. Anti-aging ingredients keep skin smooth by working against sun exposure, hydration factor and heredity factor. Foods containing anti-aging ingredients include wild fish, green leafy vegetables, gooseberry, blueberry, cucumber, guava, tomato, avocado, pomegranate, walnuts, dark chocolate, water, cocoa, beet juice, broccoli, salmon and many others. Nowadays, anti-aging supplements are also available, making it convenient for consumers to use more of such ingredients.

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Among the factors restraining the growth of anti-aging ingredients market includes side effects of the products and the high cost of the ingredients.

Anti-aging Ingredient Market Regional Outlook

Globally, among all regions, Asia, Latin America, and Europe have become the most dominant region in the global anti-aging ingredients market. There are many practices in China and India like using the paste of green tea and white tea, consuming a warm cup of ginger tea, which enables growth of the market in the Asia Pacific. In Mexico, sugar and lemon juice are used as a scrub to prevent skin from aging. France uses grape seed extract as it contains antioxidants, which booms the demand for anti-aging ingredients in Europe. Increasing anti-aging awareness benefits has strengthened the growth of the global anti-aging ingredients market.

Anti-Aging Ingredient Market Key Players

Global Anti-Aging Ingredient market prominent players are mentioned below. Lasons, DSM, Mercola Skin Care, Cargill Incorporated, Allergan India Private Limited, ADEKA, J & JSI, BASF, Galderma SA, VIvacy Laboratories

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