Innovation in Electronic Dictionaries

From: Lingenio GmbH
Published: Wed Apr 06 2005

An electronic dictionary facilitates looking up a word with a mouse click. However, a flood of
corresponding entries can drown a person in information, resulting in uncertainty as to the
needed translation. This is where the IntelliDict technology comes into play. Rather than just
looking at a single word that has been selected in a text, it analyzes the whole sentence in
which the word appears, making use of extended linguistic and lexical data to arrive at
precisely the meaning and the translation that will fit the given context.

As a leading German manufacturer of machine translation software, Lingenio had the idea to
employ its proven technology, as well as its large dictionaries with detailed information on
grammar, semantics, and translation conditions, to develop what it believes to be a new
generation of electronic dictionaries. Because of the grammatical analysis functions, not only
the intended meanings of ambiguous words are found, but also terms consisting of more than
one word, phrasal verbs, and idioms. Thus, looking up words in the office dictionary series is
not only easy, but, more importantly, the results are reliable.

Lingenio has published office dictionaries for German/English and for German/French in
cooperation with its partner, digital publishing AG, Munich, known for its language learning

Lingenio was founded in 1999 by a group of former IBM employees who had developed
Personal Translator, a machine translation product that won the European IST (Information
Society Technologies) Prize in 1996 for its innovative technology, and had been the German
market leader for many years. In 2004, Lingenio started its cooperation with digital publishing;
the companies launched the new machine translation product Translate in June 2004, and
now, the office dictionary series.

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