Dairy Whitener Market Set to Grow According to Forecasts

Published: Mon Sep 09 2019

The global dairy whitener market is in for sluggish growth for a forecast period of 2017-2022, owing to the reduced consumption of dairy-based products in recent time, attributable to the increasing number of lactose-intolerance cases, globally. With a CAGR of <3 percent through 2022, the global dairy whitener market is unlikely to make any significant upward growth, considering widespread availability of substitutes such as dairy-free soy creamer and collagen creamers. Moreover, complying with stringent regulations imposed by food regulatory authorities and tariff impositions are some critical challenges that loom large.

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However, increasing tea consumption, globally is likely to reverse the market’s development process and push the demand for dairy whiteners. Conversely, variants such as green tea and other specialty variants that are traditionally consumed without dairy whiteners could present the market with more challenges, pushing key players to opt for product portfolio extension. As per Fact.MR’s report on the global market for dairy whitener is projected to stand at a valuation of nearly US$ 12 Billion by the end of 2022 and remain in the low growth-high value quadrant throughout the assessment period.

Dairy whitener market in Europe is anticipated to remain the most lucrative owing to a more mature dairy consumption, specifically in Western Europe. A strong dairy culture in the region, is projected to present manufacturers with opportunities to better position their products and compete in terms of new product development. However, declining dairy consumption as a result of lactose-free diets could reverse the market growth in the region. APEJ, on the other hand, is projected to be a fast moving market, holding nearly 26 percent of the total market share, owing to the growing demand for convenience-based products. Disposal income and busy lifestyles is likely to play a significant role in consumers opting for dairy whiteners compared to fresh milk. Moreover, fortified and flavored (for instance, Chocolate, lemon, and cardamom) variants being introduced by the manufacturers, will drive the dairy whitener market in APEJ, predicts Fact.MR.

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In the incredibly competitive dairy whitener market, manufacturers are focusing on upping their product packaging strategy to appeal to the consumers and build brand awareness. Manufacturers are opting for ergonomic packaging that convenient to store, display, use. As per the research, jigger pots and stick packaging is the fastest growing segment in terms of CAGR. However, sachet packaging is projected to hold nearly 42.5 percent of the total market share owing to ease of handling and convenient use. Moreover, the dairy whiteners in sachets packaging is likely to remain attractive to end-users considering its cost benefits compared to cartons and jars.

Internet retailing and discounters are likely to gain prominence over 2017-2022, whilst increasing penetration of internet retailing through ecommerce. Medium and small manufacturers of dairy whiteners are projected to gain from this trend considering the availability of a wider distribution chain. Moreover, ecommerce giants are increasingly including local makes in their product offerings, giving a large playing field to players in the overall dairy landscape. Sales of dairy whiteners, worth US$ 446.3 Million is anticipated through modern grocery retail channel over the assessment period.

Private labels are projected hold their ground firmly, betting on value addition in their existing products coupled with new offerings. Manufacturers, with a mindset to capture the growing per capita consumption, have been directing their marketing strategies towards developing economies. While strategic collaborations, investments, and partnerships will remain the key strategies for product portfolio and geographic expansion, Fact.MR foresees an increase in research and development activities to develop innovative techniques that would drive future product development in the global dairy whitener market.

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