Birch Water Market - Tapping into the Untapped: Developing Countries to Become the Next Big Target

Published: Mon Sep 09 2019

Birch water is not a new concept, rather it has been long known for its medicinal properties and highly popular in parts of China, Eastern Europe, and Canada. Rapid transition toward natural ingredients is a key factor that is estimated to provide fillip to the consumption of birch water through 2029. Changing dietary patterns among consumers is marking the begging of a new era wherein nutrition will become the most important consideration. Europe and North America are expected to remain two of the leading markets for birch water, offering new opportunities for market players to expand their footprint.

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Historically, the birch water market growth in East Asia and Oceania region is surprisingly healthy, and the growth is expected to remain stable during the forecast period. Birch water market growth in South Asia is relatively mature and is experiencing steady growth over the forecast period. Demand for birch water in emerging countries has also been rising, however, the high price of birch water is likely to hold back its adoption across price sensitive markets.

Higher levels of manganese and minerals attest its health-benefiting properties of birch water, thereby solidifying its relevance for multiple end use applications, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and beverages. Naturally available xylitol is further fueling the demand for birch water in the nutrition beverage industry at a greater extent.

Birch water also helps to regulate blood sugar and bone structure through calcium absorption. Significant availability of birch trees in Europe and North America are providing ample growth opportunities to the new players in the birch water market to start new business endeavors. However, the seasonal availability of birch water is forcing new entrants to invest in warehouses to preserve birch water on a yearly basis. Further, many companies offer birch water in glass bottles as it conserves the purity and taste of the birch water for a long time. Emerging companies have developed suitable tetra packaging for birch water to increase the convenience of consumers. Moreover, manufacturers are focusing on introducing various flavors to make birch water more delicious, colorful, and interesting, with an objective of boosting the aesthetic aspects for consumers.

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Birch water is replacing the water in many East Asia skincare products. Leading companies such as Nordic Koivu Ltd., and Alaska Wild Harvest, LLC, are increasing their production capacity rigorously. Straikas, One of the largest birch water producers, is continuously increasing their production capacity since 2014. However, season based yield of birch sap is restricting companies to increase production capacity at a greater level. The manufactures have to invest in a storage tank to store birch water. Furthermore, the extracted birch water has to be processed to keep the flavor alive for a longer time.

As per the current scenario, many companies, mainly from Canada, are adopting vacuum tubing technique to gather two to three times more sap from the birch tree. According to a study conducted by Northern NY Agricultural Development Program, using vacuum technique can increase the production capacity of birch water by 20%. Several startup companies are purchasing unflavored or raw birch water from companies like Straikas and Nordic Koivu Ltd. for producing flavored birch water.

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