Mobile Water Treatment Systems Market Poised to Garner Maximum Revenues During 2018 to 2027

Published: Tue Sep 10 2019

The global need for potable and clean water has steadily increased in the last decade owing to growing concerns over the negative health impacts of drinking unfiltered water. The demand for mobile water treatment systems is expected to gain noteworthy momentum in the future due to the rising industrial projects, advent of innovative technologies, and stringent government regulations governing water filtration. Furthermore, the importance of upgrading water treatment techniques in the developed and rural part of the world has also provided an impetus to the growing adoption of modern water treatment systems.

As the name suggests, mobile water treatment systems were conceptualized to ensure timely availability of treated water in critical areas. Mobile water treatment systems are significantly beneficial for industrial customers at the time of plant star- up and electricity outages during maintenance. As mobile water treatment systems are ideal for emergency situations to fulfil short-term water requirements, it is gradually gaining acceptance from governments worldwide.

At present, prominent players operating in the market are focusing on R&D activities and initiatives to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions. A spate of innovations is spearheading mobile water treatment systems with minimum pumping energy requirement. The growing demand for potable drinking water and the emergence of innovative technologies are expected to be the key market drivers for in the future.

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Global Mobile Water Treatment Systems Market: Snapshot

While food products often go through heating procedures that make them considerably contamination-free, water is another essentiality for the human body that is consumed frequently. Governments across the rural and underdeveloped parts of the world have realized the importance of providing adequate water treatment methods in order to avoid a vast list of diseases. However, often, these systems cannot be built everywhere and at times natural calamities can cause destruction of the existing systems.

For these requirements, the concept of mobile water treatment systems have been developed, which can be transported to desired locations within hours and starts treating available water in a form that is drinkable as well as usable in other purposes. As per the projections of this business publication, the demand in the global mobile water treatment systems market will flourish in the near future, returning solid profits at a considerable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2018 to 2027.

The vendors operating in this market are concentrating on innovating their products in a way to reduce energy consumption. As per the findings of a research study from the University of Limerick, water filtration is possible via carbon dioxide, which consumes one thousand times lesser energy than current methods.

Fact.MR’s exclusive forecast study on the global mobile water treatment systems market traces the evolution of mobile water treatment systems, and provides key presumptive scenarios on the growing demand for the near future. With a decadal period of assessment, 2018-2027, the report offers forecast on the expansion of global mobile water treatment systems market which reflects the latest market trends and industry undercurrents. This report contains volumes of valuable information interpreted in the form of market size estimations, manufacturing insights, trends analysis and value chain breakdown.

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Capital Investments and Technological Innovations to Remain Key Considerations among Vendors

Mobile water treatment system is ideal for quick response, supplemental or temporary requirements, and emergency situations of water shortage. These systems are generally employed for assisting industrial customers at the time of plant start-up & maintenance outages, as well as during emergency drinking water shortages at residential buildings. Growing demand for industrial and potable water worldwide has made huge capital investments, logistics and technological innovations to be most considered factors among vendors.

Culligan International Co.’s division of water treatment for industrial and commercial applications, Culligan Matrix Solutions, is now expanding its business of mobile water treatment systems, in response to surging demand for water. Culligan’s mobile water treatment system offers a multi-level, exhaustive water purification, control, and monitoring. This modular system has been designed for accommodating a wide array of feed sources including seawater, surface water, and brackish water. Capable of operating in rugged environment, Culligan’s mobile water treatment systems facilitate quick installation for providing large amount of water on demand.

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Research Efforts for Revolutionizing Water Treatment to Influence Growth of Mobile Water Treatment Systems Market

A research effort, funded federally, to revolutionize the water treatment process has yielded direct solar desalination technology, which leverages energy from sunlight for heating salt water for membrane distillation. An emerging water desalination technology is membrane distillation, wherein hot salt water is passed through a porous membrane while cold freshwater is passed through the other. Water vapor is then naturally drawn via the membrane from hot side to the cold side. However, energy costs are high in this process on account of heat loss from the membrane’s hot side to the cold side.

The desalination system developed by NEWT – Center for Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment, is the first major innovation which utilizes the combination of light-harvesting nanophotonoics and membrane distillation technology. This innovation, called "NESMD - nanophotonoics-enabled solar membrane distillation", is unlike any other being employed currently across the globe. Such innovations, with minimal pumping energy requirements, are expected to affect growth of the global market for mobile water treatment systems in the near future.

GalMobile – Solving Water Woes

Benjamin Netanyahu - Israeli Prime Minister demonstrated an amazing technology to the Indian Prime Minister - Narendra Modi in 2017. The technology, called "GalMobile", is a sea-water purifying machine at mobile desalination plant. An independent and integrated water purification system, GalMobile produces high-quality drinking water, and is highly beneficial in times of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and in rural areas where drinking water supply is low. India has been seeking cooperation with Israel for its water management and recycling processes, as Israel is renowned for the expertise in these fields.

On July 5, 2017, the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation of India signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources of Israel regarding a national water reservation campaign in India. As groundwater is considered to be a less sustainable source, emphasis on improving wastewater treatment and desalination has been increasing in India, and technologies such as GalMobile can be of high benefit, provided with large parts of the country’s borders lined to oceans and seas.

This report covers a holistic scope of mobile water treatment systems as a product in the healthcare industry. Manufacturers can refer to the datapoints that reveal the application purview of mobile water treatment systems across various verticals. The scope of this report is to address major concerns of mobile water treatment systems manufacturers in terms of product development, sales growth and geographic expansion. Inferences in the report are will the help market players in taking informed steps towards future market direction.

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