Grinding Discs Market is Set to Experience Revolutionary Growth by 2028

Published: Wed Sep 11 2019


Grinding discs are generally composed of an abrasive compound and used in various grinding and abrasive machine operations. Rising demand of machines for projects that need intricate attention to detail has been influencing the development of Grinding Discs Market. With rapid urbanization and industrialization, automotive and construction industries have been growing significantly in the recent times which in turn is likely to influence the growth of grinding discs market as the tool is widely used in these industries. Manufacturers are focusing on enhancing the durability and sharpness of the tools to ensure speed, precision, and quality which may open new avenues for growth of the grinding discs market.


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The market for grinding discs is expected to grow in accordance with metal fabrication and machinery industries. Growing demand for new machinery along with the recovery of global economy may play an important role in shaping the future of grinding discs market. New abrasive developments such as centerless grinding discs have been gaining increasing momentum in the market. These discs are engineered for work-pieces that have smaller diameter. Further, emergence of difficult-to-cut materials may influence the manufacturers operating in grinding discs market to provide product innovation with advanced qualities that meet the consumers’ demand.

The demand within the global market for grinding discs has been rising on account of standardization of industrial procedures in automotive, iron and steel, and constructions industries. A grinding disc, also known as grinding wheel, is used in several abrasive machine operations and in abrasive cutting. Grinding machines are used across a range of industries, and the indispensability of grinding discs in these machines is expected to propel demand within the global market. The proven relevance of these discs across multiple industries has helped in earned the trust of the investors and stakeholders in the market. Furthermore, the availability of several types of grinders such as wheel rings, straight cup, dish cup, tapered wheel, saucer wheel, and cylinder wheels has further enhanced the growth prospects of the global market for grinder discs.

Sharp surfaces can be easily run against the grinding discs for the purpose of dressing, and this is another important driver of demand within the global market for grinding discs. Geographically, the skill and adeptness of engineers and laborers in the industrial sector across the US and Canada has given an impetus to the growth of the market for grinding discs in North America. Due to the same reason, the markets in Europe and Asia Pacific are projected to expand in the coming years.

Growing Demand for Abrasive Tools to Complement the Growth of the Grinding Discs Market

Post the recent recession, the trend of globalization and industrialization is on the rise. After recovering from the recession, the durable goods and industrial goods market has witnessed substantial growth, which is likely to bolster demand for various tools in the upcoming years. The motor vehicle industry and construction industry are growing at a rapid pace, which is also a major end-user industries of tools and dies. Abrasive tools such as grinding discs and wheels are majorly used in the automotive and construction industry owing to the growing manufacturing activities around the world. Especially in the automotive industry, demand for high-quality and more efficient grinding tools is increasing for the development of future combustion engines.

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Also, rapid growth of the manufacturing industry in developing countries such as China, India, and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region is boosting demand for abrasive tools. Increasing production of durable goods, rising standard of living, and growth in foreign investment is expected to augment the growth of the grinding discs market in developing countries. Increasing emphasis on enhanced manufacturing processes across industries is causing the higher usage of abrasive tools such as grinding discs per unit. It is also reflecting in an upsurge in the number of high-priced as well as value-added grinding discs in the abrasive tools market.

Increased Use of Hard-to-Cut Materials Creates Needs for Improving Performance of Grinding Discs

Owing to their unique physical characteristics, applications of materials with high hardness such as diamond or cubic boron nitride (CBN) have increased, especially in industrial practices. With the increasing use of ultra-hard materials across industries, the grinding discs market has yielded interesting success over the past few years. Owing to the substantial rise in the use of difficult-to-cut materials, manufacturers in the grinding discs market are optimizing their manufacturing processes. Manufacturers are making efforts to improve cutting parameters and component geometry of grinding discs in order to attain the desired results by the end of the grinding process.

To improve the performance of grinding discs, manufacturers are investing in research to identify chemical and physical characteristics of abrasive grains. Improving stability of grinding discs and reducing their thickness are among the two popular trends among the manufacturers in the grinding discs market. Most market players are producing grinding discs that can perform efficiently and uniformly at high-speed grinding applications. Also, to improve the service life of grinding discs, manufacturers are hardening the peripheral wear surface area of grinding discs with the help of various processes such as heat treatment or coating with compressive residual stresses. Manufacturers are focusing on investing in research and discovering ways to enhance various parameters of grinding discs and ultimately, gain a competitive edge in the grinding discs market.

Manufacturers Finding Way to Reduce the Thickness of Grinding Discs to Improve Accuracy

While the requirement for high-quality and highly efficient grinding discs is increasing, making grinding discs thinner is a popular trend among the manufacturers in the grinding discs market. Capitalizing on the advancements in abrasion technologies and rising trends of product innovation in the grinding discs market, manufacturers are introducing thinner and stable grinding discs. Thinner grinding discs contribute to the improvements in accuracy and efficiency of grinding tools. They also reduce the time taken by grinding processes, making abrasion tools more efficient and ideal for the latest manufacturing capabilities across industries.

By complying with the safety requirements of world standards associated with grinding discs, manufacturers in the grinding disc market are attracting more consumers across the world. Owing to various advantages offered by thinner grinding discs, such as more stability, lesser sparks, more control over grinding, and lesser heating, demand for thin grinding discs is likely to remain higher than that of thick grinding discs. In addition, on identifying interrelated needs for cutting and grinding tools, market players are introducing 2-in-1 cutting and grinding discs to meet the consumer demands.

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