Automotive Injector Nozzle Market - Design Developments in Injector Nozzle Configurations to Achieve

Published: Thu Sep 12 2019

Design developments in injectors and injector nozzles are aimed at optimizing the breaking up process which in turn determines efficiency of ignition and combustion process. Despite the introduction of multiple innovation in this regard, the fuel injection engineering community remains bemused in fathoming complete breakup process, in particular primary breakup mechanism. Recently, computer fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation has been used to understand the mechanism of primary breakup and importance of nozzle geometry on spray structure. Manufacturers in the automotive injector nozzle market have started incorporating simulation process during in development of injector nozzle design for new high-performing engines with enhanced fuel economy and lower emission.

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The prime difference between piezo injectors and other diesel injectors is the presence of piezo material that enables delivery of high speed and precision fuel injection. Leading injector manufacturers have harnessed the piezo technology in their diesel fuel injector nozzle. While the technology is applied for both gasoline and diesel engines, in consistently changing parameters of diesel engine, piezo technology is highly utilized. As the technology is well-proven for its efficiency, manufacturers in the automotive injector nozzle market are actively engaged in delivering piezoelectric diesel injector nozzle for different country-specific fuel qualities and with compatibility at all pressure levels.

Port fuel injector design has been traditionally and widely used in the internal combustion engines, however, PFI lacks efficiency in delivering fuel economy as compared to gasoline direct injection. Supremacy of GDI technology lies in better engine performance with high injection pressure and accurate fuel delivery. Although port fuel injection technology dominated the automotive injector nozzle market with almost 50% of total market share in 2017, gasoline direct injection technology is estimated to gain over 66 BPS and account for over 6.5% CAGR through 2022.

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Emission standards continue to determine the development of the automotive industry, particularly the internal combustion engine. Automotive injector nozzles play a vital role in determining the performance and efficiency of internal combustion engines. All the innovations that are introduced or are under process of R&D are aimed at complying with the strict emission standards for fuel efficiency and reduction of exhaust gases and particulates.  Manufacturers across the global automotive industry are adopting novel designs, injector orifices and injector nozzle designs to complement with the stricter emission standards and improve the overall engine efficiency.

Automotive manufacturers’ interest in alternative fuel vehicles is increasing rapidly against the backdrop of growing emphasis on reducing emission levels and sustainable solutions. The market for electric vehicles (EVs) is gaining ground while consistently introducing electric variants of prominent vehicle types. As consumers are becoming more conversant with the issues of global warming and role of automobiles in vitiating the environment, EV demand has seen a significant spike in past half a decade. While automotive injector nozzle is an integral part of internal combustion engines, declining reliance on conventional fuels and emergence of alternative fuel vehicles is expected to confine the progress of the automotive injector nozzle market in the coming years.

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All time high sales of passenger cars have significantly engaged OEMs to explore the profitability. Proliferation of passenger cars segment is backed by ongoing urbanization and booming consuming class which actively look for convenient automobile options. Led by this, the sales of compact cars and SUVs have increasing considerably than that of commercial vehicles. With the growing ownerships of passenger cars, demand for automotive injector nozzle in the passenger cars segment dominates and is expected to account for nearly 60% share of global revenues through 2022.

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