Expanded Polystyrene Market Analysis and Growth Examined in New Market Research Report

Published: Thu Sep 12 2019

The increasing inclination towards eco-friendly construction polymers have increased the demand of Expanded Polystyrene in the construction sector. Various studies suggest that greenhouse gas emissions from buildings might reach an alarming state in the near future, if proper measures are not taken. A report from the U.S. Green Building Council revealed that commercial and residential building sector accounts for more than one-third of the total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the United States per year. Countries such as China and India are realizing the environmental implications of robust industrial development and urbanization. The above mentioned factors and government measures towards ecofriendly construction materials are anticipated to fuel the growth of global expanded polystyrene market.

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Growth of the construction sector is creating opportunities for new construction materials. The construction sector is becoming one of the largest consumers of polymer composites. The construction and building industry is well aware of the challenges it is likely to face in the next millennium and thereby continuously seeks for new solutions. This is creating opportunities for expanded polystyrene as they can resolve some of the most critical as well as common issues in constructions. Use of expanded polystyrene can facilitate the production of cost-effective and energy-efficient materials. The innovation of existing materials, to the development of new material combinations and additional multifunctional characteristics, have benefited the players in expanded polystyrene market.  Concurrently, these polymer-based materials have additional properties, which are often not found in conventional materials. Expanded polystyrene is witnessing a high adoption, as a construction material and is also mixed with ceramics and metals in order to develop essential engineering materials that are used for constructing buildings, bridges and other infrastructure.

Consumers are always on the move; this is majorly impacting the food consumption habit of consumers. Hence, companies are developing portable, easy-to-handle packages maintaining both quality and quantity of food products. This is escalating the growth of global Expanded Polystyrene market. Expanded Polystyrene is used in packaging of fish and shell fish, meat, fruits, ice cream and others. Consumers are seeking a quick and easy solution for food consumption, especially during lunchtime and breakfast. Hence, brands are focusing on offering nutritious meals in convenient food packaging. Offering convenience is becoming a priority for brands and manufacturers. The above factors will positively affect the demand of Expanded Polystyrene market.

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Foams made of plastic or synthetic polymers such as Expanded Polystyrene cannot be recycled. Such foam materials are being actively used in production of high-performance protective packaging solutions. Regulatory bodies are levying penalties on several leading players in the global foam protective packaging market to limit the production of Expanded Polystyrene-based foam, also known as Styrofoam. Consumers are becoming more aware towards the adverse effects of waste Styrofoam on the environment. Avoiding the purchase of products packed in Expanded Polystyrene is a deteriorating trend for the growth of the global foam protective packaging market. Moreover, inability to recycle has left companies at the tenterhooks of spending capital towards procurement of used Expanded Polystyrene. Companies are being forced to reuse their products and reproduce new ones, which is also entailing expensive modifications in the production machineries.

In recent years, polymers have become extremely important as engineering materials. In terms of application, they are now successfully competing with other major classes of materials. Expanded Polymer has found renewed vigor in the construction industry. This is because Expanded Polystyrene come with capabilities such as low thermal conductivity, low weight, mechanical resistance, low water absorption, chemical resistance and others. Moreover, ease of handling and installation is anticipated to fuel the demand of Expanded Polystyrene in forecast period.

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